Friday, June 20, 2008

Treatment No. 4

Been two weeks already? The time is going fast. Yesterday my hubby drove himself to the docs since he had watch the night before. Went well for him. Funnily enough, the kids and I went to the store to pick up a few things and after loading the car, our car wouldn't start! So I called for some help, asked the store if they could help, and bought some new jumper cables (ours were in the garage) we made it home. So in the past two weeks, we became a 2 car family, to become a 1 car family, till we can get the alternator replaced.
Over half done with the treatment now today. And after tomorrow, 1/3 of the way through all of them! We will see how the next week goes. He's been slowing down a little, but not much. At work they want a doctors note on what he is and isn't able to do now. It's no longer left to his discretion. He's going in next week to talk to the doc mid week, so he'll get it then and they can discuss how to write that out.
This weekend, my hubby had planned on putting his laundry in the baskets so I can wash it. He likes to keep it piled on the floor for about a week, then moves it. Cleaning the garage up, just tools and boxes and our old sad loveseat that came with the house. We're possibly hosting poker night next weekend, and he wants the boys to play in the garage. As of today, neither has been done. It's also been in the mid 90's all day, heat isn't his friend. Cold isn't either, but that's another post.
We will see what tomorrow brings on the chores. Groceries is on the list, possibly the garage and laundry?

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