Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here come the Elephants

Received our elephant tote in the mail yesterday. My daughter was very happy with the addition to her purses. She said it would be great for the next time we go on a walk. She'll be able to carry snacks for her and her brother as well as her camera to take pics along the way.

I haven't taken a pic of it with her wearing it yet, but she really does enjoy it. Thanks again to Project Mommyhood for the giveaway. And to Maggie Blue Designs for the superb craftsmanship! It really is adorable in person.

Figured I'd leave you with some pics of elephants, as searched on Etsy. First is made by Snuggle Herd. Isn't Elsa cute?

Next, is by Lollywood... pink elephants...
Softie made by Peaslee... pink elephants...

Pink elephants on parade! Ok, so they're tags, but adorable tags and this photo fits the song from Dumbo... Maybe it's just me, but when I think elephants, it almost always comes to mind. Tags by Designs By Trisha.

Have you Etsy'd your day today?

Monday, April 27, 2009


In the land of eternal sunshine and palm trees, (photo by Honeytree Photography)a land without seasons, there is always yardwork to be done. Although the locals talk about "May Gray" and "June Gloom" like it's horrible for the two months where it is overcast for a few hours and the breeze from the ocean brings a nice chill before the days warm up and are gorgeously clear again.

It was a beginning for May this morning you could say, with an overcast sky (slip top by Claire La Faye) and that cool breeze I've come to love. We are transplants from Colorado (where it is said there is 300 days of sunshine a year, which isn't quite true, but it is a fairly sunny beautiful state with it's mountains and snow). So living in very southern California a mile from the ocean is a different experience.

The yard was in need of some mowing and trimming. The trimming hadn't been done for awhile. Dandelions (mosaic by Earwings and Things) were taking over! My kids love when they do, blowing the seeds, spreading them more. There is something about making that wish on a dandelion. I've learned that it is the official flower of the military brat. You see, like the dandelion, they move and grow and spread through out the land. Since my children would be classified as just that, military brats, it always makes me smile when they play with those dandelions... even if they are spreading them far across our yard!

In the end, the yardwork was mostly finished. The kids had fun helping pick up the seed pods as well as dandelions and checking out the bugs. After all, what fun is yardwork without a little investigating? And when you are done with your investigation, don't forget to Etsy your day.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Dream Is This?

I'm not one who usually dreams, or at least I don't tend to remember them. Last night however was a very strange one indeed. I was back home in Denver, working and living downtown. When there appeared a spaceship... (image from Busy Little Elf)
Only it wasn't a spaceship... it was a brand new office building that appeared next to my office within a day. (art by Gocco*Boom)

But people didn't seem to notice. They went to work as usual. And new people even started in this new building. Then suddenly, it started to come apart into different sections and fly into the sky. You could see the people in the windows as it left... (doll by Hapslappy's House)
Only, they weren't really people... They were aliens in disguise... (alien by Adopt an Alien)
I suppose I've just been spending too much time on my latest pattern, or it could be my mind was trying to tell me an invasion is emminent? Or that I feel office work is alien since I've been out of one for so long? Either way, it was a dream that stayed with me for quite awhile and figured I should share it. And if you feel the need to share some strange fairly vivid dream, send me a link so I can see what it is.

Pictures are all from Etsy shops. They all have some pretty neat things to check out. Don't forget to Etsy your day today! Just think of all the fun creations... waiting for you.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I entered a giveaway on Project Mommyhood, what an awesome little blog that is. And won it! Got an email this morning that my kids will now be the proud owners of an Elephant Tote Bag made by Maggie Blue Designs. She has some really adorable things in her shop, this being one of many. It'll be fun to see what sort of adventures this little guy will get to go on. Especially since my kids really love elephants.
What a great start to the morning... an elephant! WooHoo!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Isn't Family Grand?

So my husband is the pickiest eater I've ever met. He has a thing with texture so won't eat sour cream, pulled meat, chicken, or fish. He's not a big fan of red meat. He doesn't care for cooked, even steamed veggies, all too much. He's a real pain to cook for! (Apron is made by Boojiboo. Isn't it so cute and classic looking? Spicy too!)

He loves his pasta (darn italians!) and will eat mexican food (thank god for that!) but isn't big on green chili. My family loves our green chili! He has tried it a few times when people have made it to be polite. He does like it, but we make ours with shredded pork roast, simmered all day in spices. And he doesn't like pulled meat (see above statement).

He will however try things, once. Which is a blessing when it comes to finding meals to prepare. However, if he has had it before in his lifetime, he's not always keen on trying. Although I will give him if he doesn't like chicken because of texture, I don't know how to cook that out of it. (Pork Chop Casanovas by Stellalola, too cute not to pass up when this comes up on a search for "pork"! Her shop is adorable with all the smiling art prints of normal everyday sorts of things.)

The point of this background is I was on facebook the other day where his cousin (who recently moved out to our area having married a man in uniform as well) was saying how she was making green chili. So when I told her I wish she were my wife, she made me my own green chili! We had it for dinner tonight over turkey tacos (ground turkey is ok in the texture category) and it was spectacular! Started a whole dialoge on making green chili and trying new things that make us both happy in the green chili department.

Figured I'd share since I know in marriage we all have things we do and don't like about our spouses and have had the food talks as well. Anyhow, what did you have for dinner? (Photo Cousins 1987 by Toshio. I love black n white photography, so much depth to it. Was pleasantly surprised when this came up in a "cousins" search. Try searching your day on Etsy today! If you do and blog it, I'd love to see what you come up with.)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Fun

We had some visitors this weekend. My hubby's dad and his wife came out for the weekend. Had a nice visit with them. Our kids are the first of their generation on my hubby's side so they're still a pretty big deal. I know grandkids usually are, but the first are moreso.

Although, my brothers and I were the first for my moms parents and we were treated more like kids than grandkids. Her younger sister is only 10 years my senior, she brought my older brother in for her show and tell in kindergarten!

Anyhow, how awesome are these little clips I found on Etsy? Figured in honor of the visitors we had this weekend, I'd search "visitors" on Etsy and came up with these from KarmaBoxCom. Yes not the same sort of visitors we had, but still too funny not to share.

We went to the zoo while they were here. Just a nice day of sun and animals. My kids always have loved the zoo, we've been quite a few times over the past few years. Daughters favorite animal is the elephant. Etsy search, "elephant homefront" shows up with this adorable pink elephant from The Q Store. Pink even, my daughters favorite color... for now.

My son loves all the animals, monkeys, elephants and giraffes as well. Those are my favorites. Figured since I'd found some cute hairclips of "visitors" I'd show off this adorable giraffe from Cutesie Clips. Her clips really are cutesie!

Overall, we had a good weekend. The kids had fun showing off their rooms and toys as well as having granparents around to read to them and play with. Now it's back to business as usual. I've been working on a new pattern for the shop. Hope to have a pic for you tomorrow of what it will be! I really love the way it's turning out and am excited to share. For now, think about what one word sums up your day best, and give it a search on Etsy. Ya never know what you'll find!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What I Did On My Blog Vacation Part 4

Became a 2 car family again! I blogged about when my hubby started taking my car apart to get to the alternator. Granted, he took on the task in the middle of his chemo, and it didn't take a few years, more like half a year and then some to finish.

But lets not dwell on that, and more so dwell on the fact that the car having sat in the garage in pieces for how long, took him all of a night and half a day to put back together once he'd gotten the part needed. I was happy and impressed, as was he at his handy work. My brother even laughed about it and made some comment about being able to tell he's an AM (aviation structural mechanic) with the way he could let it sit and still get it back together, no phantom pieces. At least that's what I got from the comment.

This post isn't so much about what I did during the blog vacation, but about my hubby and what he can do. I guess the idea of moving (we're looking at buying a house) made him want to move so that we weren't packing up parts of a car and towing it someplace! Lesson there is... if you want something done... say we're gonna move? Aha, not so much. Although it did work this time!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WooHoo! Look who's 50!

That'd be my shop, not me. It hit 50 sales last night! Was so happy and inspired. Started on a new pattern, hoping to have it done in a few days. Also makes me realize I need to take lots of photos. I still have stock not photographed and in the shop.

It's been a lot of ups and downs on Etsy, but I do so love it. Where else can you find such a hodge podge of beautifully made items as well as a few vintage pieces so lovingly cared for. Like this dress from lostlaundry. In hitting 50 sales, I thought I'd search "50" and found this 50's inspired dress.

Oh what simpler times they were... makes me want to put on my apron and do some cleaning! Instead I think I'll take in the inspiration and get to work... Cleaning can wait a bit.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Goodies

So the stuffies and crowns were a hit. My daughter wore her crown, pretty much all day. She took it off to change out of her pjs, into her pjs, and at naptime. Otherwise, it was on her head. She also carried around her new doll, Carrie. Seems fitting with how much she'll be carried!

My boy liked his robot, took him in for his nap. Which for him is unusual, he doesn't sleep with stuffed animals much. He goes through spurts. My daughters bed is covered in them, and they rotate who is there. Anyhow, he also enjoyed his crown, but did spend part of the day in his "Go Broncos!" hat, which being football people, gotta love.

I did deviate a bit from the pattern. Changed the eye shape and did eyebrows instead of eyelashes. Also added a pair of underwear, light blue with a pink heart. To match her bows and dress. And used a light beige fabric with small flowers on it, so she has a bit of freckles on her.

My girl thought she was an "adorable robot dancer girl" at first since she had seen me stuffing her brother's robot. But after awhile, realized that "she has hair, and robots don't... so she's a dancer girl"

Overall, it was a nice little treat for the kids to get. I'm very happy that google can help you find all sorts of patterns and tutorials, being not much of a sewer!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

All Done!

So I finished her doll and her crown today. Too tired to take pics tonight so will share some tomorrow.

Happy Easter!

One Kid Down

One to go. Ok that sounds a little wrong, but it is true. Here is my boys Easter goodies. Finished. His robot and crown with a lightning bolt. If I have time, I'm going to make a mini lightning bolt for the robots bottom. It'll tie the two completely together.
I didn't realize how similiar the colors were till I finished the crown. Finished the Robot last night and just didn't get a pic taken. Tonight it was his crown. You can find the patterns for both on my last entry.
Hers is all cut out, but needs to be sewn. Also worked on some chocolate Easter Eggs that the kids and I can finish up tomorrow. It'll be a day of eggs, dying and chocolating. During naptimes and bed, I'll finish up her crown and her doll. Should have pics tomorrow.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter is Coming

So I figured I'd make a few things for the kids' baskets. I knew I wanted to make them some crowns. The other day they were fighting about a tiara (my daughter has lots of dress up stuff, son just a few masks and such). With looking on the net, I found a great tutorial for crowns on Juicy-bits. I haven't gotten them started yet, but will make sure to share pics when they are done. We have tons of felt left over still so they'll be a little different than the ones made there, which are adorable, but gotta figure out the embelishments.

Also wanted to make a doll or bunny or stuffie for each kid. Came across this pattern from Crafty Carnival on another search. It looks like so much fun and easy to boot. There's a Flickr group of finished dolls. I found some robots there and so he's getting a robot made from the same pattern, with a few changes, her a baby doll.
His Robot is almost done. And the doll, should have started tomorrow. I'm trying to work on them when the kids are in bed, which is tough since it's too cute to just work on it all the time! Should have some pics to share with you tomorrow on the progress.

What I Did On My Blog Vacation Part 3

Played with felt... Made felt boards for each of the kids' rooms for Christmas. Hers is very purple and pink.His has dinosaurs and football!
And here are some superhero masks for her 4th birthday party. Hand sewn and all a little different. Her request.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What I Did On My Blog Vacation Part 2

Celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary. A nice adult evening out, or as adult as it can get with my hubby. Started with dinner... courtesy of a gift certificate from family.

Bet you can't guess where that was at! But isn't this little brooch from MichellesCharmWorld just adorable? Next it was off to a movie. It was a good movie, gave us things to talk about on the way home.

I just love the look of this duct tape wallet from HongDesigns. Captures the character perfectly. It'd be a fun way to show your love for your favorites.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I Did On My Blog Vacation

You know how when you came back to school in the fall, you always had to write a paper "What I did on my summer vacation." Well I figured since I did take quite a bit of a blog vacation, I'd give you snippets of what I was up to on my time off. This being the first. To make it more interesting, I'll use visual aids found on etsy or my own photos, whichever is more fitting.

So what I did on my blog vacation was read a few books. Two series actually. The first was quite enjoyable... Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati was the first in the trilogy. Outdoorsy... late 1800's... the English and Indians... Oh my!

This photo from CreationsAnew is such a breathtaking view of the river and snowcapped mountains, it reminds me of the ruggedness of the books.

The second series I read, was one that has been much hyped. My SIL happens to have the books and so since they were there I thought I'd see what all the talk was about. This was after my mom had read them as well as a few friends. Maybe it was overhyped or just not my type of reading, I'm not sure but I wasn't as in love with it as many are.

This button from Geek Details sums it up wonderfully! In a lot of ways this is exactly how I felt about these books. Suppose this is why I shouldn't give into the hype... at least all the time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

When you lose

A part of you. Or at least a part of you that has been there for the past year it's a bit strange. Today my hubby got his port taken out. Just one more thing taken off the list on the way back to "normal".

He was awake when it happened, but wasn't able to watch. He said it made a strange slloooop sort of sound. Actually if you've seen Iron Man, you may know the sound. You see when you have a port put in, your body forms a fibrous capsule around it. He's had a bump on his chest for the past year, you could even see and feel the little knobs on the port that help with inserting the needle. I know he feels strange and elated to have it gone.

They asked if he wanted to keep it. Most people do. So he came home with this cup and his purple port, saying it was my new necklace. Not that that's what's going to happen to it, but what do you do with something that's been a part of you for the past year? For now, it'll stay in it's cup on his desk full of Legos... guess we'll figure out what to do with his remind later.