Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Treatment No. 10

Was this past weekend. It went fairly well. Saturday was not the best day. Hubby felt a little under the weather, having trouble drinking. But did manage to get a little down and was eating fine. Sunday was much better. It was his birthday, the big 2-8!

The kids picked out a little Legos package for him, and I picked up some Geek Soap from Swan Mountain Soaps on Etsy. Figured it was fitting since my hubby really is a geek with his computer games and love of Star Wars. He thought both were funny. Put together his Lego train quick (he now has a Lego helicopter, a car and a train) and then opened up his present from his mom. More Legos, and Star Wars all in one! It is an AT-AP that he then put together. It's sitting on his computer desk.

Then it was time to watch football. Chargers were playing the Broncos so it was a game we got to watch! It's hard being a Broncos fan in SD some of the time :) Man that game had ups and downs and the ending... 2 pointer for the win! Later in the evening we had some pizza and then cheesecake with fresh berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries oh my! My daughter asked for more when she finished hers. Had to tell her it was just desert, so no more cheesecake was needed.

The worst part of the weekend was homecare being late on Sunday to take out the needle. But all in all, it's one more treatment done. Only 2 left now. In a month he will be done. Possibly 2 months he can have cold drinks again. No trips back home for the winter, that is for sure!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's amazing what one little hug can do. This has been a stressful year for me and my family so far. Along with my husband's cancer, my mom has been in and out of the hospital with her own medical issues. I think I've touched on them a little bit. She went back in last night for more surgery. They removed another section of her small intestine, it had an infected hole in it. At the beginning of August was her last surgery, removing some of her small intestine as it was twisted upon itself and had caused a blockage. In January was the start of her surgery, they removed 90% of her large intestine.
With all these surgeries, she never has gotten back to normal. She was home for a few months inbetween and has been staying with relatives or in the hospital for the rest of the past 9 months. I don't even know what to do with all of this. Here I am not even 30 yet and this is the hand that's been dealt to me. If you're reading this, please say a prayer and send some positivity her way.
I've gotten lots of hugs from my kiddos this morning in between phone calls updating my brothers. My son came to find me and ran at me with open arms. They give me comfort and strength. Children are such an amazing blessing. Their hearts are so large and overflowing with love and positivity.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Creative Challenge

So I have orders I'm working on, projects for fun, new things for the store as well, and yet I had to get in on the EtsyHookers Creative Challenge. Hope I made the deadline right! :) Items had to be posted and in by 12pm EST tonight and I finished mine at a few minutes till. But I read about the challenge just last night and had an idea I wanted to get out.

My daughter loves my entry and wants to keep it. Guess I may have to make her her own. We will see. It's a rather warm hat for Sunny California! Anyhow, be sure to check out the Challenge and don't forget to vote!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Treatment No. 9 and then some

So we've surpased 3/4 of the treatments! Hubby's sis came out for a visit and was here while he did his ninth treatment. Still going well and making it through. We had a good visit and even managed a date night to see the new Batman, The Dark Knight. Kinda funny since it has been so long since I have been in an actual movie theater and there weren't many people, it was really loud. Makes me feel old :) The movie was enjoyable and it was nice going out just the two of us.

Hubby was very excited with the idea that there are only 3 treatments left to undergo. It's what he said most of the weekend, "9 down, 3 to go..." with a look of joy and excitement for the weeks to come. It's amazing how fast time can fly by.

Been busy around here. Have a few custom orders I've been working on as well as some new toy bags for the kids. My son has lots of big legos and the bag they came in, the zipper pulled out and is broken. So made him a new tall green fleece bag for his "blocks". We picked up a big toy bin from some neighbors who no longer needed it and so made several little bags for her to keep sets of toys in making it easier to find what she wants to play with. Finished 2 of them completely (little pictures on them noting what is inside) only about 6 more to go. The bags are at least all done. Some however need drawstrings put in so that's something to work on in between orders and life.

One of the orders called for organic yarns. Since I use acrylic for the novelty things, had to pick up some new yarns. Bought some bamboo cotton as well as some banana silk. They're both really easy to work with and I'm excited to see how the banana silk scarf I've started turns out. It's a beautiful yarn that looks like a bunch of berries, ripe for the picking.