Monday, March 31, 2008

Alesi... What's in a name

Alesi... a simply elegant name for a simply elegant shop.

I picked alesi because I hated my name for a long time. But when I started making jewelry I wanted to be recognized by my name not a cool business name. However, I still wasn't coping well with Isela (my name) so I played around with the spelling and I really liked it backwards. Thats how "alesi was born"

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Birth Designs... What's in a name

Birth Designs... So much joy, love and life goes through this shop!

I chose Birth Designs because that's what I am... what it is... it really was about designing around Birth, Babies, and Pregnancy. But, it is also about the Birth of ideas and design. I was told by many to use my name if I wanted to succeed, but I have done just fine :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Laura's Left Hook... What's in a name

Laura's Left Hook has a fun and unique shop. All sorts of different crochet items. Her latest has been a line of fairytale puppets, but I still truly enjoy her main avatar, which fits her love of crochet and sign language. You can read more about that on her blog.

I picked my name because I am a lefty and I liked the alliteration of my first name along with left. The hook, obviously, is my crochet hook. I remember in school saying I was, "Laura, the left handed Lithuanian." (My grandfather was born in Lithuania.) Love all those "L"s.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Double Blossom... What's in a name

I simply have nothing more to add to this shop. It is a precious shop and I am curious to see what the Smart Bird will have.

Well...Double Blossom is named after a kind of Japanese plum blossom that has two rows of petals. I picked the name when I was living in Tokyo and a Japanese friend pointed out a "double blossom" in a garden one day.

But I'm starting fresh in about a week with a new shop/name: Smart Bird. I'm moving into more metal work and fabrication, and Double Blossom feels me now. My first name is Robin, which is a bird. Also, bird means girl in British slang. As for the smart takes brains to hit metal with a hammer! :-)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Terryann... What's in a name

Terryann... A simple answer for a not so simple shop. Full of wonders of the orient, beautiful Asian inspired fabrics skillfully done into totes, purses, aprons and more. Vintage, supplies and Zelda's Studio offer a wider selection of goods to use in your craftiness.

Terryann is my name. Boring I know... but no worries about copyright or trademark... and it is kind of catchy.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lisa Raspino... What's in a name

Lisa Raspino... Hear her roar!

This may sound strange, but I spent most of my life trying to NOT to be noticed. I've always had an alias. There were 4 Lisa's in my homeroom class in highschool and I ended up being LB - how someone else got to be Lisa B. first is beyond me. Anyway, LB morphed in to Elle Bee (my blog ID, my craft ID, etc.). But when I decided to get serious about my art (beaded jewelry), I thought it was time to really "own it" so the fact that I have my name emblazoned isn't that I'm vain, but rather, I'm finally (after 40+ years) stepping up and saying, yes, I DID create this, as a matter of fact. A statement of ownership, if you will. Plus, I thought the majority of my customers would be family and casual friends, who might not thing to look for Elle Bee.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

the ERN... What's in a name

This shop explanation makes me smile and laugh a little. Then you look at the shop and it's clean and crisp... I love the contrast, the energy and the peace to create it all.

'The ERN' is all about my nickname - you guessed it, Ern. Short for Ernie, which developed out of Erin Lee. And Lee is my middle name after my mom's middle name, which came from her father's middle name, which is Leroy. Really, 'The Ern' is easier, isn't it? The Irish theme of my Etsy site is because all those people I'm related to are of Irish, Scottish, and Welsh heritage. So there you have it!

I think I'd had a lot of espresso when I wrote that! Most people just call me "Ern," but I added the "The" because it seemed...better for a shop name.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

PhrogPhluff... What's in a name

PhrogPhluff... Ribbit... Ribbit! What a mental image this conjures up!

My husband is in the military and he flies a helicopter nicknamed "the PHROG". In our house, it seems we are always talking about the PHROG. Afterall, it's what puts food on our table. It's moved us to 5 states in 4 years. It's what makes my kids yell "dadda" when they hear one fly over. It's the sound of freedom for us. I also happen to think lilly pads are pretty neat, so this name just kind of stuck. Plus, Phrog Phluff sounds like a frog wearing a Tutu. :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

babyhoot... What's in a name

babyhoot... Because every kid wants to be a superhero! (Or just look like one.) This shop has much more to offer as well.

We wanted a short name that you got the idea of what we sold just from the name (things for baby).

At the time, my then 2 year old daughter kept calling a bathing suit a "babyhoot" and we would always ask her questions to try to get her to say it again: "What should I wear in the pool?" "What's that thing called again that you wear to the beach?" And we thought that would be a perfect name for our business. The longer story version is in our profile. ;)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

littlecookie... What's in a name

littlecookie... Such fun little treats in a sweet sounding shop!

My shop name came from a conversation I had with my man friend quite some time ago. He'd been calling me 'baked potato' for a couple of weeks as a joke pet name, and I had gotten bored with it and told him that I didn't want to be called 'baked potato'. He asked me what I'd like to be called instead and I thought for a moment then said, "Something cute and tiny." He laughed and asked what was cute and tiny and the first thing that came to mind and out of my mouth was, "Little Cookie". It was a pretty funny exchange and it kind of stuck, so when a year or so later I was trying to think of a shop name, there it was.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Madness

It's MONDAY! A tisket, a tasket... put it in your BASKET! It's the theme for tonight's promotion. Come check us out in the etsy forums. That link is our weekly chat, you can read through it or just check the last page for the info for tonight's Promotion thread. Some great stuff and sales to boot! Myself, I will be doing 10% off tonight. A peak at the latest from the shop.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Riverbottom... What's in a name

Riverbottom was the first to give me a reply, after looking through their shop, I can see why their friend asked! It's amazing what you can make from the bottom of a river.

My shop is named Riverbottom because that is where 90% of my material comes from. I make most things out of willow wood, twigs, bark, etc. A friend asked me if I drug my material out of the "riverbottom" and it stuck.

What's in a name

My first post I talked a little about myself and the name for my shop. It's funny, it identifies you in everything you do on It is you and you are your brand. I was chatting with a fellow Homefront Etsian the other day, and she kept calling me by the name May. Which only makes sense, since that is the first part of my shop name. Of course, it isn't my name at all.

So I told her how the name MayRae came to be. It's nothing too flashy, but I do dearly love it. May was the middle name of my great-grandmother (who knit). Rae is the middle name of my mother (who crochets and taught me). Together, they are MayRae (Mary, if said quickly and with a silly little accent like the priest in The Princess Bride awesome movie!) which is the first name of my grandmother (who crocheted and taught my mom) and my MIL's middle name (who knits and taught me). I love how it encompasses the generations in my family and how we can all connect through a simple thing such as the love of a craft.

I'd love to tell you about the names of other Etsians and how they came to be. If any of you would like to share your thought process, please comment here or send me a conversation on It's interesting what creates our alternate identities!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Monday Madness Easter Style

This past Monday Madness covered St. Patty's Day. It looked like the gals had fun and held down the fort. I wasn't able to take part in it. But did want to showcase a bit of what people have in their shops that'd work great for the holiday :) Enjoy! Some tweet vintage easter treat cups...
A Boo Boo Bunny for any toddler on the go (they can be made in assorted colors) ...Tub Critters (to keep the kids clean after all those treats)! To remember the fun of Easter day...

A blanket bunny to tuck them in with... And a soothing bath to end a wonderful family holiday. Here's even some salts for you!
Go to and search the Promotions Forums for Homefront this Monday from 1600PST-2100PST. I've put a few links in to help you out.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Madness

Another Monday Madness done! Not sure if anyone had a sale, but we did have fun! It's a pleasant way to spend my Monday, chatting with the gals, checking out what the shops have in stock. I did sell my first puppet tonight (good-bye Jazzy, you will be missed here, and much loved at your new home) but it wasn't a result of a sale. Just timing I suppose :) That to me is what most of it seems like on etsy. There are so many amazing sellers and so much product, you can get so lost in the racks with everyone else! I'm glad a puppet sold, I love making them and I think others will enjoy them as well.

Here's to tomorrow and what the day may bring! One more farewell to Jazzy!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Promised Pictures

Just wanted to post the pics I'd been talking about! My flowers... first rug...
and my daughter's sweater so far. You can sorta see in the pic where I fell asleep at the needle. It's a garter stitch sweater and I managed to put in 2 rows of stockinette without even noticing! So instead of pulling them out, I went with it and really do enjoy the different rows in it. Adds a bit of texture to it. I've been playing with the idea of veering completely off the pattern to finish it. We'll see how bold I am when that time comes! For now, I do like the way it is turning out.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Month Already!

So I sit here looking at my computer screen realizing it is already March, and I've not posted anything new in how long? Well, the Military Madness Monday on etsy went well. We had some fun, few sales, one for me :) And we did it again last week, and will be there again this week. It's really easy to find us, and do a search for Homefront. It'll bring you to the latest thread, each and every Monday! We really are a diverse group of sellers there, who have it all! From beautiful jewelry...

to boutique children's clothing...

to photography... and beautiful aprons. I could go on... but you'll just have to check us all out (all 60+ of us!)
On another note, I've almost finished the body of my daughters sweater, and made a rug. I will post pics tomorrow night. It has just been a crazy ride this week, such is life :)