Monday, June 2, 2008

A 2 car family... again :)

My hubby likes to tinker with cars (of course, he is a helicopter mechanic by day). 2 years ago when we bought our Audi, he put a new clutch into his Jetta. It wasn't the smoothest of things. He had it working after awhile, and then it didn't work. Well since we had a second car, there was never time to work on the older one. He always said it would be easy to fix, he just had to find time to do it.

He had it working, for a few weeks. Then went on deployment. Since it was a new clutch, and I don't drive stick, had some other people try and move it when we needed to move it. Well, they weren't able to find the gears and then it stopped starting. He's been back for about a year now.

Yesterday, he decided it was time to get it running. With gas prices (his car gets better mpg, plus it takes a lower grade of gas) and with his treatments (he'd like to be able to drive himself some of the time, or if necessary) he got it running. In the matter of 2 hours, time it took to fiddle with the shift linkage, take out the battery, go buy a new battery ($80) and buy a 5gal gas can, as well as 5gal of gas (that all cost about $50!) as well as the time it took to wash the Jetta, we now have 2 working cars!

Today he went in to the DMV to get his temporary tags so that he can get it smogged and that'll be that. He has his project car again running and I get my Audi back :)

To celebrate, my daughter took a spin around the house. Son was sleeping on the living room floor since he had decided not to nap, and his little eyes closed on their own.

All I could think while he was working on it, was how he's 1/6th of the way done with his chemo, and he's fixing his car. Just made me smile. You could look at the fact that he hasn't gotten it fixed already, or you could look at the fact that he wanted to get it done and chemo isn't kicking his butt yet, so he can still do what he'd like to do!


Maddie and Mommy said...

Thats great - I wish I could get my husband to get of his relatively healthy BUM and finish the motorcycle he's been "working on" for over 4 years now! I just tease him that its a bicycle since the MOTOR is on the floor next to it in the shed!

terryann said...

Hey my hubby has a 1961 t-bird that doesn't work, just sits in the garage, till he has "time"... been there 12 years! So cool he actually got it going and it is a useable car!

cojocreations said...

Glad to see he fixed the car. Even better to hear that chemo is treating him well so far.

MayRae said...

Yes it has been nice to see that he's not been knocked down really with chemo. Treatment 3 is Friday, and then he'll be onto the single digits.