Saturday, June 14, 2008

Custom Order

So finished up my custom order notebook cover and berry purse. It's a gift for the crazy gals friend (I can call her crazy, but she's really just always busy and on the go with two shops to work on!) and her friend loves the colors brown and pink. Rather than making a berry with those two colors mixed together only, there'd look like bad spots on it(unless it had another color thrown in so it was a novelty neopolitan berry) did it chocolate covered instead. Whatcha think?

And I love the way the notebook cover turned out. Did one that I wasn't as impressed with. It's a great little bit of yarn, but not quite right. Gonna make a purse out of it instead. Just another thing on the to-do list!

If you're interested in your own choco berry purse or notebook cover, let me know!


Maddie and Mommy said...

I got my notebook (cover) and the chocolate dipped strawberry today. LOVE THEM BOTH. As I have already been working towards world domination of the berry purses, this one was purchased as a gift for a dear friend of mine. MayRae, you have really out done yourself on this one!

Beth said...

Chocolate covered, so creative! Totally cute, girl. Wonderful.