Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crochet a day...

I've been trying to complete one thing a day for the past few days... I've managed to start at least one, maybe two a day... and finished a few in between! My daughter's latest request is a dragon that is pink and green. Still not quite sure how to start that one so it's in my mind. But I did manage to start a sweater for her, it's knit, and will be the second sweater I've made. Of course, it's a basic garter stitch sweater that I managed to change a bit (you know what happens when you fall asleep at the needles and just go on auto?) it's looking good though with the variations in it.

Also started a new blanket bear, although this one will be a bunny (crochet of course). I love to do these just because every blanket is different. You can see a few in my shop, in the sold items as well as listed. It depends on what my mood is as to how it turns out. I'll post that one when it is done. I did however finish a new puppet, as well as some flowers. No pics of the flowers yet. But here's Solly.

I did also manage to make a light box.

I do like the way Solly came out because of it, however I need to get a bit better lamp to use to go along with it. It was really easy, cut a cardboard box and found a use for some scraps of cotton I had lying around!

One more thing before I go, EtsyHomefront will be having a Military Madness Monday tomorrow! All of us Homefront gals will be having sales, or at least chatting around while most of us have sales :) Mine will be listed in my shop announcement starting at 5pm EST (2pm PST for me) and will continue on through the night. Well ok, it's free shipping on all orders, just add MMM to the buyers note and wait for a revised invoice. So check us out! Not sure what the thread will be as it has not started, but send me a comment or come on down to Etsy and check under community, forums for all the specials. We really are an eclectic bunch!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Spent part of yesterday baking big heart chocolate chip cookies. My girl helped put in the chocolate chips and then decorate when done. One was for Daddy, the other for her cousins. It was quite a bit of fun to do actually. Although my son was wandering around my feet really wanting to help out too. Then he asked for some to eat. Had to try out the cookies last night, we made a few smaller hearts as well. Anyhow, it was a great way to get something together for the holiday!

Jazzy has been posted! Check this hip-chick puppet at etsy :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Treasury time

Just wanted to post a treasury that I'm in. It's for the Homefront Team (OohRah!) supporting our troops and service members as spouses can be an interesting lifestyle. I wouldn't trade mine for the world. He signed up for the Navy, in a lot ways, so did I when I said "I do". But it is an interesting sisterhood to have found on etsy! Thanks for the inclusion, Tina. Check it out all

On the other news front, I'm working on some new puppets. I'll post picks when I am done. Thinking of any names that rhyme with Frazzy, Razzy, and Jazzy? Let me know!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ice Shows, Birthdays, and Football oh my!

We had a full weekend. Along with taking my hubby to the ER Thursday, then visiting him Friday and bringing him home Saturday, our original plans for the weekend were an Ice Show, Birthday party and football. My daughter received tickets to Disney's Princess Wishes from her friend for her birthday. So the two girls as well as the others mom and I went to the show. It was quite a bit of fun. The girls thought it was really cool since they knew most of the story lines that they skated out. And it was just a new interesting experience. They each came home with a few souvenirs to remember the trip as well.


And a thank you hug for the fun.


Then it was time for the party and Super Bowl on Sunday. I'd asked my daughter if she wanted to watch football for her birthday, and the answer was yes. So we had snacky foods (she wanted summer sausage for her birthday) and chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting. Here's a pic of her with her new hat she'd requested. I modified the request a bit, but she really enjoys it all the same.


Overall, it was a great weekend, bit tiring. But my Payton thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of new pony's to play with. Now, we'll have to make a pony bag to keep them all in! I'll make sure to include a pic when it is done. Thinking I'll make the appliqu├ęs again and let my hubby sew them up.

I did also manage to find some time to finish up a new fruity purse. I want to do a selection of fruits for my shop.

boysenberry (5)

Off to go work on some special orders!