Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Iron on fun

We did our shopping, didn't find the yarn I wanted to finish the grapes, but managed to finish them with what I had. However, did pick up some canvas bags and iron ons to make a library bag for my daughter and a bag for toys for my son.

She sat down and planned out where things went. So I ironed them on and finished hers off with some sparkly paint for a library bag with flowers. We're planning a trip to the library and park tomorrow, hopefully it's dry by then!

My sons fits him. He is an angel and a devil all in one. With a winning dimply smile, who loves to say "CHEESE" when he sees a camera. His isn't quite right on the lettering, but whatcha gonna do eh? Not sure how I can peel up my mistakes!

The dress is simply one we'd gotten from my FIL for a birthday present. Since it was a little plain and we had extra iron ons, figured we'd shnazz it up a bit. Still have one more bag to do, but I think I'll let her go crazy with the puff paint and do what she wants with it. It's for her My Little Ponys (my husband and I bought a lot on ebay of them. Mostly old school, in pretty good condition and she loves them. There are just so many of them!

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April said...

I love easy decorating of the bags. They turned out cute. Nice add on to the dress...really changes it.