Friday, June 27, 2008

New Look and a Project Done!

So I changed around the layout of my blog a little bit. Got some help from a fellow blogger. Although my list isn't quite as cool as hers... yet. I'll get it figured out. But I did finish a crocheted blanket this last week for my Gram. She was diagnosed with colon cancer last year, did chemo and was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

One of the pitfalls of being a military family, is not being near family. When I heard she was diagnosed, decided to make her a blanket. That way she can get a hug from us whenever she wants while healing after surgery. Thinking I'll have each of the kids hug the blanket before sending it to make sure it has extra love in there. Kinda cheesey, but every little bit helps! Here's the finished product. My hubby helped me with the layout of the squares. It's just a simple throw blanket, 4x6 squares. Got the idea for the swirls by searching around the web. Landed on Kim Werker's stuff, and a blog post on Interweave. It's for a 3 color spiral, but worked well for this purpose with a little tweaking. I do like the way it turned out.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rockets Red Glare!

My Homefront Team Challenge piece! There are so many amazing ones to choose from. You can see them here until the Homefront site has the official start of the challenge, July 1st.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Feeling Disconnected

So it's been a few days since I've really been online. Busy week so far and I just figured out that it was Wednesday! Got a few projects to finish up, few blankets, purses and finished an entry into the Homefront Team Challenge that starts July 1st. No pics to show of anything, since the lighting is bad right now. Will have to share tomorrow.
On the life front, my hubby got orders out of his squadron for now. It seems they aren't quite comfortable with him working there while doing his chemo. Technically, he's not supposed to, but he's been doing well. He wants to go in and talk to them tomorrow about it all and see what can be done. He'd prefer to stay where he is at.
And with the 2 car household, still a 1 car household. At least the timing was good on fixing my hubby's car! Going to make calls and see what it'll cost to make some repairs on the family car so that hopefully I can drive again soon.
That's about all in a nutshell!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Treatment No. 4

Been two weeks already? The time is going fast. Yesterday my hubby drove himself to the docs since he had watch the night before. Went well for him. Funnily enough, the kids and I went to the store to pick up a few things and after loading the car, our car wouldn't start! So I called for some help, asked the store if they could help, and bought some new jumper cables (ours were in the garage) we made it home. So in the past two weeks, we became a 2 car family, to become a 1 car family, till we can get the alternator replaced.
Over half done with the treatment now today. And after tomorrow, 1/3 of the way through all of them! We will see how the next week goes. He's been slowing down a little, but not much. At work they want a doctors note on what he is and isn't able to do now. It's no longer left to his discretion. He's going in next week to talk to the doc mid week, so he'll get it then and they can discuss how to write that out.
This weekend, my hubby had planned on putting his laundry in the baskets so I can wash it. He likes to keep it piled on the floor for about a week, then moves it. Cleaning the garage up, just tools and boxes and our old sad loveseat that came with the house. We're possibly hosting poker night next weekend, and he wants the boys to play in the garage. As of today, neither has been done. It's also been in the mid 90's all day, heat isn't his friend. Cold isn't either, but that's another post.
We will see what tomorrow brings on the chores. Groceries is on the list, possibly the garage and laundry?

Mail Time!

My kids watch Blues Clues so just saying that makes me think of the song! Anyhow, normally it's not a big thing getting the mail. But yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by having 3 packages to open! And I still have one more thing on the way :)

Two were from Etsy. Ordered a great checkbook cover for my hubby. May have to use it myself, but we'll see. The one I have is leather and has spots for everything. My hubby doesn't carry the checkbook all too often but he was complaining about needing it and not having a cover. So here's one for him, an adorable tribute made by bethjt. She has an amazing shop with so many different things to choose from. Pretty soon here, she'll be competing with me on the crochet front I'm sure! Check her blog to see! So cool to see how quickly she's picked it up.

The second from Etsy, was from BubbaRye. A beautiful card shop. The picture doesn't even do justice to how lovely the cards really are. I got a 2 pack of cards and she threw in some of her new monogramed stationary. It'll come in handy! My daughter loved her little card she sent out with her package as well. Although she didn't like that it already had wording on it! She did ask what it said though. It was very nicely written, just like her blog. A favorite one of mine to visit and see how her days are going.

Lastly, my FIL and his wife sent the kids some new books. It came with a note saying Happy AnyDay! Our kids love books and so it was a nice treat. One was for my daughter, a princess book. It's sort of like a mini scrap book really. Came with a few things to do with it and lots of ideas to put stuff in it. May be a little old for her now, but she'll grow into it soon enough. There is a page you can dress up the princess, which she really likes so it works. I think we'll have to see if we can find her a SuperHero one as well so she can continue to have both things in life.

Second book is simply adorable! It is called Pigs Over Colorado. The pictures are fun and interesting and cover vacation spots in the state. Several that I've been to. The kids seemed to enjoy it as well. It also has hidden animals on every page. Those sorts of books are fun once the kids realize they are there :) Well that was in my mailbox yesterday, and so I thought I'd share.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Snails and Photography

Before moving to CA I never knew anything about the marine layer and how it created the dense fog in the mornings. Here in San Diego it's thickest in May (May Gray as the locals call it) and June (June Gloom). This morning we were up early, for us, and it was quite thick. Looking out back, you could see snails all over our yard because hey, it's cool and moist just a good morning. So I let my daughter take our old camera (technically my hubby's camera now, he can take it on cruise with him and such) outside to take some pics.

We picked up a book at the library once, can't quite remember the name but it was a Kipper the Dog book. It was about a camping trip Kipper and his friend Tiger took. Only while they were out and it was nighttime, they got scared by a large shadow. Kipper found out it was a snail. Ever since that book, my daughter loves to watch the snails move about when they are out. It was a real treat getting to take her own pics (I snapped one of the two of them while she was taking one of a snail) since there were hordes of them.

It made for a nice slow start to our day.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy's Day

Today was the day for Daddy. It was a relax around the house play with the kids sorta day. When daddy woke up, the kids gave him his shirt (which he put on) and his Lego helicopter (which I forgot was on my blog, so he already knew about it).

Of course you may be asking why he saw the post about his shirt when it wasn't Father's Day, that's because my daughter can't keep secrets yet. The day we bought the shirts, he came home from work and she told him "Daddy, we bought you an orange shirt!". He likes his new shirt and put the helicopter together this morning with the kids watching. Later they pulled out their Legos to build.

Dinner was pancakes, cheesy eggs (gotta be cheddar) and turkey sausage. The kids helped make the pancakes by adding in the spice (cinnamon and chai spice this time). It's my daughter favorite part. I let them shake in whatever they want, usually isn't not too much. But since they eat their pancakes without syrup, sugar, jam, jelly, preserves they like the spice.

We were thankful to have daddy with us this year. Always a plus when you can spend holidays together when you're a military family. Here's hoping everyone who was without theirs was able to enjoy their day and remember the times they've spent together.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Custom Order

So finished up my custom order notebook cover and berry purse. It's a gift for the crazy gals friend (I can call her crazy, but she's really just always busy and on the go with two shops to work on!) and her friend loves the colors brown and pink. Rather than making a berry with those two colors mixed together only, there'd look like bad spots on it(unless it had another color thrown in so it was a novelty neopolitan berry) did it chocolate covered instead. Whatcha think?

And I love the way the notebook cover turned out. Did one that I wasn't as impressed with. It's a great little bit of yarn, but not quite right. Gonna make a purse out of it instead. Just another thing on the to-do list!

If you're interested in your own choco berry purse or notebook cover, let me know!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's Day Crafting with Kids

So went to the store yesterday to buy a shirt to decorate for Father's Day. My daughter asked that we make on for Pop Pop and Grandpa as well. Figured we'd get some iron-ons to write out a message and then sponges and paint for the kids to have fun with! Well, here's a list for all of you thinking of doing the same thing:

  1. Remember to take off all clothes or put on smocks with clothes you aren't worrying about being messed up. For you and kids. Although my clothes stayed clean, there's even paint on my sons shoes.

  2. Painting outside or on a drop cloth is the best. My son decided to sponge all over the old sheet, so that has hearts and stars on it as well.

  3. Pull up any long hair you or your kids may have. Sadly, mine is in a pony here, although I did it while I did the ironing. And as you can see in the pic, my daughters is not.

  4. Test your fabric and paint for bleed-through factor first! I checked this on an old shirt of mine. Did bleed through the shirt and on the sheet. So we put posterboard between the shirt front and back.

  5. Remember to have fun and that there will be foot prints (or shoe prints) on any and all things.

This was a fun little start to the day. Did my iron-ons and let the kids paint. Now they just have to dry. All three shirts say RockStar on them since that is what my daughter ask that they say. We tend to say the kids are rockstars and to rock n roll when we leave or just to rock it when dancing. It's adorable really to watch your kids bang their little heads just so they can rock it. (Also causes my son a bit of confusion since he has a rocket and when you tell him to play with his rocket, he'll rock it!)

So here's a little something for our Father's Day present (as well as a Lego Helicopter set). What are you doing for Father's Day? Don't forget to Rock It!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Late nights and deep thoughts

Well not so late (bedtime really) and not so deep. Reminds me of the old SNL bit. Anyhow was thinking today while I was posting about labels. There are some labels that I think of and don't use and I wonder if I should use them. The main one being 'cancer'. Talking about my experiences with it, does that qualify as a label? Do the labels really make a difference for anyone other than those here to find things? Do I want to have that label? I know it's my choice to share what I do with the net, but there is something daunting about that word.
Days like today when he goes to bed so early, or the other night when he had to roll over in bed because his port was uncomfortable, make it all the more real. But he will make it through and live a long life with me. Getting to see his kids go through school, starting college (hopefully finishing as well) getting married and starting their own families.
He has to at least make it till they are both out of the house! We've never had that.
A month after we married (I was still living in CO when we got married) I visited him (he was living with my brother and SIL who was preggo, bad idea! it's in the water with preggos!) and a month later found out I was preggo. So when I did move to live with him, I was in my second trimester and it wasn't about being newly weds, more about being parents. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world... sometimes it's just hard.

Stopping by

To say it's been a busy week! Have a few order to fullfill from Monday night's sale as well as some quick blankets I'd like to make up for KidsKonnected. They called me yesterday to see if our kids would be interested in a camp in our area. I think they're a little young for that. But I did ask them about donations. Be really easy to do some donations and it'll give me a chance to give back to those that gave to us, maybe help out some other kids figure out what is going on with their family. And I'll get to play around and be as creative as I'd like. Nice to know my blanket will be keeping someone comfy and happy.

We went to pick up some supplies so we could make some shirts, for daddy, pop pop and grandpa. My daughter asked that we included daddy's dad (poppop) as well as my dad (grandpa). Short notice really, but still will be a fun project.

On the creative front, after I finish my orders I've got to work on a challenge project as well for the Homefront team. I've got my idea in my head, (the challenge is all about the 4th of July, my favorite holiday) have started a little of it and have seen some really great entries so far. I'll post when mine is done as well as a link with the info on voting (voters receive 10% any participating stores).

The EtsyHookers are also starting a challenge that is due in July. It's a rainbow sort of thing :) Color, how it influences us and you must use 5 to 7 colors. Will have to start thinking on that as well.

I should get back to my hook and yarn! Happy day to all!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How do you stash?

A friend of mine posted about her starting to crochet and subsequent purchase of yarn. Had to harrass her about the addiction that comes with yarn! I've read a few other blurbs on the web (sorry I don't remember the urls) and I figured I could share my stashes.

Here's the little bits. Below are projects working on currently, to the side are projects to be worked on. The navy bag has a full sized blanket in it that I need to buy more yarn to finish. The mesh bag squares to embroider for a quilt for my son. The sweater, needs to have a hole fixed in it (but since it's too warm to wear, it'll wait a bit more). The basket, bits of yarn that I'd like to work with soon.

Recently we reorganized our house. My computer is now in the living room and each child has their own room. That also means all my crafts are in the living room. My hubby is thinking of reorganizing again and moving his computer to the living room. He'd prefer my yarn and fabrics, etc. in the garage.

I don't see that happening! We have a dresser in the garage that we're going to paint. It's a bright fire engine red currently and we were going to use it for our daughter. Now he'd like to maker her a dresser. Which means I'll get the other for my yarn! Will still leave some stuff in tubs, but not quite so many.

My hubby has told me, I'm almost positive in jest, that if I buy more yarn and it does not fit in said tubs... he'll burn it! Of course, he also said someday when we buy a house and I have my own office, I'd be happy with wall to wall shelves of yarn (color coordinated is all that I ask) and a place for my computer a tv and my rocking chair. That part made me feel a bit old, but I'll take the rest!

As you can see, I have a few other places to put yarn :) It is a sad, sad addiction that I would not trade. Maybe add to if I start to get more comfortable sewing. But for now that stays with stuff for the family. There are so many other shops that sell great items that I don't have to make them all myself!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Treatment No. 3

Has come and gone. Now 1/4 of the way through and into the single digits. We did make it to the zoo this Friday. It was a fun day. I'm proud of my girl who walked the entire time, although she did start to get tired near the end. And my son actually napped when we got home (he has decided lately that naps aren't for him. He will still be spending at least a few hours in his room daily, so we'll see if he changes his mind on the whole nap thing at any point or just continues to play quietly.) Anyhow, it was a beautiful day, not too busy and just enjoyable.

There was a man who offered to take our picture infront of the giraffes. After having done so, he asked if I could take his picture infront of the giraffes. He was there by himself with his little one as well. So here is a pic of us at the zoo.

Also wanted to include this elephant. He came out for his morning scratch it would seem! He was adorable though, watching him rub all over the rocks to scratch. He continued for quite some time. Kept the kids captivated for awhile. This gigantic animal just rubbing away. There was another who was drinking some water. They liked watching him put his trunk to where the water was coming out of the rockface and up into his mouth after a spell. Elephants are my daughters favorite animal for the time being.

My daughter was in charge of the map for most of the day. We saw the elephants, giraffes, panda bears, polar bears, sun bears, grizzlies, lions (no tigers, but hippos) oh my! And much much more. The San Diego Zoo does have a wonderful assortment of animals to enjoy. When the kids tire of it, we'll start to check out the museums instead. I just want to make sure that chemo day is a fun day for them at least. Plus it keeps me out of the house and busy as well.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing yardwork, housework (see the pic of my super hero helping with the vacuuming? he cries if I don't let him help out or will use the kids vacuum to pick up any I may have missed) and hanging out. We did go out to dinner with some friends tonight which was nice. The kids enjoyed going out and did pretty good at the restaurant. The family we went out with actually told us we had some of the coolest kids, always nice to hear :) We are partial to them after all. We were going to look for a new kitten tonight as well, but got there a little too late. May have to go tomorrow night to see what we can see. Our daughter wanted to stay out and not go home, but she didn't know what she wanted to go shopping for, so home we went.

This treatment went really well for my husband. He felt really good all weekend, didn't even sleep as much as the last one. Oh and he did manage to finish his car, so that all gears are usuable, this past week as well. Over all, things are looking up! Here's hoping tomorrow goes well for hubby. He's thinking he take a shorter day incase he does get tired or need to relax.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How Do You Hug?

Bedtime comes and it's time to pull out the hugs. There are 5 of them actually. It all started when I told my daughter I wanted her to squeeze tight with her hug and she asked "You like squeeze hugs?" Laughed and told her "yes, suppose I do. "

Then off to daddy she went. "Daddy, mommy likes squeeze hugs... what hugs do you like?" His answer was pat hugs! This was the birth of a new hug. Pat hugs you see, you hug and pat the back (obviously).

For awhile, I received squeeze hugs and daddy pat hugs. Till he started to fall asleep on her while hugging. Sleep hugs became the new craze! Now it is preceeded with the proclamation "I slept a lil bit!" and if it is not returned, it is repeated.

The tickle hug is the most recent hug and last to join in the routine of nighttime. Since my kids are very ticklish (it's great to hear a 19 month old come up to you with his hands poised and say "tick-y tick-l tick-y") while hugging one night, I decided to tickle! My daughter was thrilled with the new addition. "We have to show daddy a tickle hug!" Daddy was on a workup, but when he returned, it was one of the first things he received from his daughter.

The pic is a year and a half old now, but it's one of the best hugs :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Iron on fun

We did our shopping, didn't find the yarn I wanted to finish the grapes, but managed to finish them with what I had. However, did pick up some canvas bags and iron ons to make a library bag for my daughter and a bag for toys for my son.

She sat down and planned out where things went. So I ironed them on and finished hers off with some sparkly paint for a library bag with flowers. We're planning a trip to the library and park tomorrow, hopefully it's dry by then!

My sons fits him. He is an angel and a devil all in one. With a winning dimply smile, who loves to say "CHEESE" when he sees a camera. His isn't quite right on the lettering, but whatcha gonna do eh? Not sure how I can peel up my mistakes!

The dress is simply one we'd gotten from my FIL for a birthday present. Since it was a little plain and we had extra iron ons, figured we'd shnazz it up a bit. Still have one more bag to do, but I think I'll let her go crazy with the puff paint and do what she wants with it. It's for her My Little Ponys (my husband and I bought a lot on ebay of them. Mostly old school, in pretty good condition and she loves them. There are just so many of them!

Care for some grapes?

So when I made my first berry purse, the blackberry one, it was supposed to be grapes :) Now it turned out great for a basic berry shape but I didn't know the right stitch to make my grapes. Thanks to MooseThreads and her adorable sweaters, (you'll have to click the link to see them. She has a great blog too) I saw what I needed. I still don't remember the name of the stitch, but a variation of it worked well to make those little round mounds of grapes clustered together.

My daughter has since asked for red grapes, so I may make her some. First, we're going to make a new library bag to take with us tomorrow. Got all the iron stuff and some puff paint to make a bag fit for a little girl to carry around her books.

Happy Dance...

Was a little preemptive! He did take the car in yesterday and today, however he loses the gears if he goes in to 5th! The good news is he's going to call the dealerships to talk to them about what he did to see what it'll cost to fix it. Since ya know, I don't know all the correct jargon, and am a woman, they'll give me a different answer. But that in itself is a victory that he wants to call and get a little help to make sure it runs right!

Since I have my car, I'm off to the post office and to buy some more yarn! Yay :) Usually I walk to the post office, it's not all too far away, a mile or so, but it's on the way to get yarn. So I'll do it all at once. As for yarn, I can't buy lots, it has to be able to fit in the tubs I currently have for yarn... sort of. I have a few other places to stash it. But I need more purple to finish my grapes! They are looking awesome by the by.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A 2 car family... again :)

My hubby likes to tinker with cars (of course, he is a helicopter mechanic by day). 2 years ago when we bought our Audi, he put a new clutch into his Jetta. It wasn't the smoothest of things. He had it working after awhile, and then it didn't work. Well since we had a second car, there was never time to work on the older one. He always said it would be easy to fix, he just had to find time to do it.

He had it working, for a few weeks. Then went on deployment. Since it was a new clutch, and I don't drive stick, had some other people try and move it when we needed to move it. Well, they weren't able to find the gears and then it stopped starting. He's been back for about a year now.

Yesterday, he decided it was time to get it running. With gas prices (his car gets better mpg, plus it takes a lower grade of gas) and with his treatments (he'd like to be able to drive himself some of the time, or if necessary) he got it running. In the matter of 2 hours, time it took to fiddle with the shift linkage, take out the battery, go buy a new battery ($80) and buy a 5gal gas can, as well as 5gal of gas (that all cost about $50!) as well as the time it took to wash the Jetta, we now have 2 working cars!

Today he went in to the DMV to get his temporary tags so that he can get it smogged and that'll be that. He has his project car again running and I get my Audi back :)

To celebrate, my daughter took a spin around the house. Son was sleeping on the living room floor since he had decided not to nap, and his little eyes closed on their own.

All I could think while he was working on it, was how he's 1/6th of the way done with his chemo, and he's fixing his car. Just made me smile. You could look at the fact that he hasn't gotten it fixed already, or you could look at the fact that he wanted to get it done and chemo isn't kicking his butt yet, so he can still do what he'd like to do!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

How 'bout dis apple?

It's finished! Soon to be posted to the store. I really like the way the strap came out. Makes me want to make a non-fruity purse that is a bit more grownup. Although I do like the contrast to such a strap and a fun apple at the bottom. All in all, a fun order to fulfill.