Friday, June 20, 2008

Mail Time!

My kids watch Blues Clues so just saying that makes me think of the song! Anyhow, normally it's not a big thing getting the mail. But yesterday I was pleasantly surprised by having 3 packages to open! And I still have one more thing on the way :)

Two were from Etsy. Ordered a great checkbook cover for my hubby. May have to use it myself, but we'll see. The one I have is leather and has spots for everything. My hubby doesn't carry the checkbook all too often but he was complaining about needing it and not having a cover. So here's one for him, an adorable tribute made by bethjt. She has an amazing shop with so many different things to choose from. Pretty soon here, she'll be competing with me on the crochet front I'm sure! Check her blog to see! So cool to see how quickly she's picked it up.

The second from Etsy, was from BubbaRye. A beautiful card shop. The picture doesn't even do justice to how lovely the cards really are. I got a 2 pack of cards and she threw in some of her new monogramed stationary. It'll come in handy! My daughter loved her little card she sent out with her package as well. Although she didn't like that it already had wording on it! She did ask what it said though. It was very nicely written, just like her blog. A favorite one of mine to visit and see how her days are going.

Lastly, my FIL and his wife sent the kids some new books. It came with a note saying Happy AnyDay! Our kids love books and so it was a nice treat. One was for my daughter, a princess book. It's sort of like a mini scrap book really. Came with a few things to do with it and lots of ideas to put stuff in it. May be a little old for her now, but she'll grow into it soon enough. There is a page you can dress up the princess, which she really likes so it works. I think we'll have to see if we can find her a SuperHero one as well so she can continue to have both things in life.

Second book is simply adorable! It is called Pigs Over Colorado. The pictures are fun and interesting and cover vacation spots in the state. Several that I've been to. The kids seemed to enjoy it as well. It also has hidden animals on every page. Those sorts of books are fun once the kids realize they are there :) Well that was in my mailbox yesterday, and so I thought I'd share.


Beth said...

Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you like your cover. I don't think I'll be competition for you, your little purses are so original and amazing!

Sarah said...

i watch.. i mean WE watch blues clues too! One of the few kids shows i like ( backyardigans is a favorite too, we are music junkies). Nice stuff too!