Sunday, June 8, 2008

Treatment No. 3

Has come and gone. Now 1/4 of the way through and into the single digits. We did make it to the zoo this Friday. It was a fun day. I'm proud of my girl who walked the entire time, although she did start to get tired near the end. And my son actually napped when we got home (he has decided lately that naps aren't for him. He will still be spending at least a few hours in his room daily, so we'll see if he changes his mind on the whole nap thing at any point or just continues to play quietly.) Anyhow, it was a beautiful day, not too busy and just enjoyable.

There was a man who offered to take our picture infront of the giraffes. After having done so, he asked if I could take his picture infront of the giraffes. He was there by himself with his little one as well. So here is a pic of us at the zoo.

Also wanted to include this elephant. He came out for his morning scratch it would seem! He was adorable though, watching him rub all over the rocks to scratch. He continued for quite some time. Kept the kids captivated for awhile. This gigantic animal just rubbing away. There was another who was drinking some water. They liked watching him put his trunk to where the water was coming out of the rockface and up into his mouth after a spell. Elephants are my daughters favorite animal for the time being.

My daughter was in charge of the map for most of the day. We saw the elephants, giraffes, panda bears, polar bears, sun bears, grizzlies, lions (no tigers, but hippos) oh my! And much much more. The San Diego Zoo does have a wonderful assortment of animals to enjoy. When the kids tire of it, we'll start to check out the museums instead. I just want to make sure that chemo day is a fun day for them at least. Plus it keeps me out of the house and busy as well.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing yardwork, housework (see the pic of my super hero helping with the vacuuming? he cries if I don't let him help out or will use the kids vacuum to pick up any I may have missed) and hanging out. We did go out to dinner with some friends tonight which was nice. The kids enjoyed going out and did pretty good at the restaurant. The family we went out with actually told us we had some of the coolest kids, always nice to hear :) We are partial to them after all. We were going to look for a new kitten tonight as well, but got there a little too late. May have to go tomorrow night to see what we can see. Our daughter wanted to stay out and not go home, but she didn't know what she wanted to go shopping for, so home we went.

This treatment went really well for my husband. He felt really good all weekend, didn't even sleep as much as the last one. Oh and he did manage to finish his car, so that all gears are usuable, this past week as well. Over all, things are looking up! Here's hoping tomorrow goes well for hubby. He's thinking he take a shorter day incase he does get tired or need to relax.


april said...

Your kids are too cute. I love the zoo, I think more than my kids LOL.
So glad to hear that your hubby's body is taking the chemo well and he is still able to do alot.

Emily of Ella-Bear Bowtique said...

Your children are adorable. Looks like you had a blast. Glad to hear your husband wasn't as tired this round. :)

Beth said...

What a good mommy you are. I'm jealous, I love the San Diego Zoo. Wishing your hubby a fast recovery.

Maddie and Mommy said...

love the pictures and glad to hear that hubby's doing well with the treatments (and the car too)!

Anonymous said...
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