Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Homefront Winter Challenge

It's Challenge time on the Homefront. This one was all about winter. There's snowflakes, sugar cookies, moose, snowmen, scarves, hats, all the things that make us think of winter.

My entry for the challenge is a snowflake. Being a Colorado girl living in California, I don't see many of them anymore, but can enjoy the beauty of winter in a different way now.

I remember my first winter here, a friend of mine sent me some shots of her snow covered house! Of course it was on my request. Just wanted to see what I was missing of winter. That white stuff that gives us a chill sure can be majestic. So here's to the snow, winter scenes of blistery days and magical nights.

Anyhow, here's my entry and a link to vote. All you have to do is look through the entries, and leave a note in the comments with your favorites name. Voting ends October 31st, so don't forget to vote!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Treatment No. 12

Has come and gone. He's done! Chemo is done! It hit my hubby yesterday. He came home from work with some sparkling cider to celebrate. He realized that he had all his weekends free again. We can do anything without having to worry about the next weekend being stuck to not do anything. The look of elation and liberation was in his eyes. He's thinking poker this weekend, and a bit of shopping.

The kids and I spent the time he was at the hospital for his last treatment at the store. Getting all the bits we'd need for Halloween costumes. Or so I thought! We need to pick up a few more things and then I can start on them. It is a joy making the costumes, yet since they are only worn once (my daughter wants to be a fairy this year, and I highly doubt we will reuse the costume for my son!) but they love them so. Only my second year making them, but I'm getting more familiar with the sewing machine. One fairy and scarecrow coming up before the end of the month!

A month where our weekends are ours and my hubby is on the road to remission. So crazy to think it's through.

I did want to leave you with a picture. Just one of the projects I've finished lately, I truley adore it! It's for a Homefront Challenge, but more on that another time. For now, just a tease :)

Wishing all health, happiness and big dreams for the coming season.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Toy/Gift Bag

So here is a pic from my son's birthday party with his toy/gift bag we made him. Hubby and I like the idea of making them for Christmas as well. Since our kids have a little bag for each sort of toy. However, we will have to make the appliques seperate and sew them on later so you're not looking at a picture of what is in every present. I thought it turned out well and my son loves all his superheros! They were the perfect present for my little man who likes to save his sister on a daily basis.

They are really simple bags to make. We used fleece for the bag and felt for the applique. The applique design, I took from a pic online and then freehanded it onto the felt. My hubby (my little semster) sewed it onto one side of the fleece before sewing the bag together.

Simply cut your squares the size needed for the front and back of the bag. This one is about 14". Sew on any applique you'd like. Otherwise you can hand stitch them on after the bag is made. Then sew around 3 sides, making sure to backstitch on the ends. Fold over your drawstring casing, about an 1" and then turn the bag inside out and sew it around. You can then take some scissors and cut 2 holes in the casing for the drawstring to go through. We used a crochet chain as the pull and then knotted it back on itself so that it can't be pulled out.

My question for you all, is how do you present gifts?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Treatment No. 11

Has come and gone. It went well and was preceded by a trip home the kids and I took to see some other sickies. My mom is still in the hospital, but is getting there. It was really nice to be able to go home and see her. The kids did really well going to the hospital everyday to see Grandmother, but they have spent some time at the hospital before when my hubby was there for his surgery.
The trip went well, and we made it home the night before treatment no. 11. So that Friday, we spent at the hospital as well. Went to the mini NEX at the hospital to pick up some toilet paper and tissue for the house. Then walked around. Stopped off to make an appointment for my son's 2 year check. And waited for hubby to be done. Time went by pretty quick actually and the kids did well just walking around. It is thankfully a rather large hospital to walk around with different things to see and do.
At home the weekend went well. The nurse brought us some grapes to say sorry for being so late on the last treatment. Which was really nice of her to do. And the weekend passed without much to tell about. Although both hubby and I have said several times now "only 1 left". It's a really great feeling to have.
Our son turns 2 tomorrow and we celebrated his birthday yesterday. So we spent last week getting some toys (superhero stuff, it is really cute!) putting the house in order and making a toy/gift bag for his new superheroes. It turned out really well. I did the felt applique, hubby sewed everything together. We had homemade wheat pizza, pasta salad and chocolate cake. Just a small little party. It was cute listening to my son sing along to "Happy Birthday". He'd done it just a few days earlier to Grandmother on the phone.
My hubby has been home for the past week since he has limited orders and doesn't have to check in for a few more days. It's been nice having him here, but I have been away from the computer so much.
Anyhow, will try to get a pic posted of the toy bag. I don't think we took one before he got it and it is currently in his room with him. Always nice when toys get put away. And this Friday marks the last treatment. A big sigh coming now. Then it's just checks for the next few years. But we have made life adjustments and are still working on more to make ourselves healthier. Healthy wishes to all.