Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How do you stash?

A friend of mine posted about her starting to crochet and subsequent purchase of yarn. Had to harrass her about the addiction that comes with yarn! I've read a few other blurbs on the web (sorry I don't remember the urls) and I figured I could share my stashes.

Here's the little bits. Below are projects working on currently, to the side are projects to be worked on. The navy bag has a full sized blanket in it that I need to buy more yarn to finish. The mesh bag squares to embroider for a quilt for my son. The sweater, needs to have a hole fixed in it (but since it's too warm to wear, it'll wait a bit more). The basket, bits of yarn that I'd like to work with soon.

Recently we reorganized our house. My computer is now in the living room and each child has their own room. That also means all my crafts are in the living room. My hubby is thinking of reorganizing again and moving his computer to the living room. He'd prefer my yarn and fabrics, etc. in the garage.

I don't see that happening! We have a dresser in the garage that we're going to paint. It's a bright fire engine red currently and we were going to use it for our daughter. Now he'd like to maker her a dresser. Which means I'll get the other for my yarn! Will still leave some stuff in tubs, but not quite so many.

My hubby has told me, I'm almost positive in jest, that if I buy more yarn and it does not fit in said tubs... he'll burn it! Of course, he also said someday when we buy a house and I have my own office, I'd be happy with wall to wall shelves of yarn (color coordinated is all that I ask) and a place for my computer a tv and my rocking chair. That part made me feel a bit old, but I'll take the rest!

As you can see, I have a few other places to put yarn :) It is a sad, sad addiction that I would not trade. Maybe add to if I start to get more comfortable sewing. But for now that stays with stuff for the family. There are so many other shops that sell great items that I don't have to make them all myself!


Beth said...

Oh my gosh, I'm rolling!!!! Your collection is quite organized...I'll have to make sure I keep up with mine too. I'm in so much trouble....can I blame you when my hubby starts ranting? ;)

MonsterBug Blankets said...

I'm loving your red dresser! Gotta love the stashes we all have! Hope your hubby is feeling well after his treatment!


April said...

Your stash of yarn looks like my stash of beads and material. LOL

terryann said...

your stash is nothing comparied to my fabric stash... don't get started!

MayRae said...

So nice to see everyone's comments on my tiny stash :) Will have to share that with the hubby!

Hippie Dippy Designs said...

Is it a yarn addiction if you must put heavier supplies on top of your "yarn bin" to keep the lid closed? LOL Not that I am guilty of this...*ahem*

Great post thanks for sharing!