Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stopping by

To say it's been a busy week! Have a few order to fullfill from Monday night's sale as well as some quick blankets I'd like to make up for KidsKonnected. They called me yesterday to see if our kids would be interested in a camp in our area. I think they're a little young for that. But I did ask them about donations. Be really easy to do some donations and it'll give me a chance to give back to those that gave to us, maybe help out some other kids figure out what is going on with their family. And I'll get to play around and be as creative as I'd like. Nice to know my blanket will be keeping someone comfy and happy.

We went to pick up some supplies so we could make some shirts, for daddy, pop pop and grandpa. My daughter asked that we included daddy's dad (poppop) as well as my dad (grandpa). Short notice really, but still will be a fun project.

On the creative front, after I finish my orders I've got to work on a challenge project as well for the Homefront team. I've got my idea in my head, (the challenge is all about the 4th of July, my favorite holiday) have started a little of it and have seen some really great entries so far. I'll post when mine is done as well as a link with the info on voting (voters receive 10% any participating stores).

The EtsyHookers are also starting a challenge that is due in July. It's a rainbow sort of thing :) Color, how it influences us and you must use 5 to 7 colors. Will have to start thinking on that as well.

I should get back to my hook and yarn! Happy day to all!


Maddie and Mommy said...

nice to be making blankets for the kidskonnected program. Glad to hear you have so much spare time on your hands... NOT! Lovely post

Beth said...

It's so fun to hear what you're up to and how wonderful for doing the donations to KidsKonnected. I hope your hubby is feeling well this week.