Thursday, June 19, 2008

Snails and Photography

Before moving to CA I never knew anything about the marine layer and how it created the dense fog in the mornings. Here in San Diego it's thickest in May (May Gray as the locals call it) and June (June Gloom). This morning we were up early, for us, and it was quite thick. Looking out back, you could see snails all over our yard because hey, it's cool and moist just a good morning. So I let my daughter take our old camera (technically my hubby's camera now, he can take it on cruise with him and such) outside to take some pics.

We picked up a book at the library once, can't quite remember the name but it was a Kipper the Dog book. It was about a camping trip Kipper and his friend Tiger took. Only while they were out and it was nighttime, they got scared by a large shadow. Kipper found out it was a snail. Ever since that book, my daughter loves to watch the snails move about when they are out. It was a real treat getting to take her own pics (I snapped one of the two of them while she was taking one of a snail) since there were hordes of them.

It made for a nice slow start to our day.


April said...

Start them early. My kids started taking pics at 1 1/2 and not they are 6 and 7 and still love it.

MayRae said...

I have some pics my daughter took of me and my son not too longer he was born and she was 2. Those are the funny ones. Some really clear shots and others with people cut off!