Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy's Day

Today was the day for Daddy. It was a relax around the house play with the kids sorta day. When daddy woke up, the kids gave him his shirt (which he put on) and his Lego helicopter (which I forgot was on my blog, so he already knew about it).

Of course you may be asking why he saw the post about his shirt when it wasn't Father's Day, that's because my daughter can't keep secrets yet. The day we bought the shirts, he came home from work and she told him "Daddy, we bought you an orange shirt!". He likes his new shirt and put the helicopter together this morning with the kids watching. Later they pulled out their Legos to build.

Dinner was pancakes, cheesy eggs (gotta be cheddar) and turkey sausage. The kids helped make the pancakes by adding in the spice (cinnamon and chai spice this time). It's my daughter favorite part. I let them shake in whatever they want, usually isn't not too much. But since they eat their pancakes without syrup, sugar, jam, jelly, preserves they like the spice.

We were thankful to have daddy with us this year. Always a plus when you can spend holidays together when you're a military family. Here's hoping everyone who was without theirs was able to enjoy their day and remember the times they've spent together.


terryann said...

When my daughter was that age, my dh and dd went to buy me a bicycle for my birthday... that day they hid it in the back room... as soon! as I came home she said "mommy mommy don't go in the back room.... there is a bicycle in there!..." ☺♥ got to love them! said...

Love the "snail"...nice work!