Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Feeling Disconnected

So it's been a few days since I've really been online. Busy week so far and I just figured out that it was Wednesday! Got a few projects to finish up, few blankets, purses and finished an entry into the Homefront Team Challenge that starts July 1st. No pics to show of anything, since the lighting is bad right now. Will have to share tomorrow.
On the life front, my hubby got orders out of his squadron for now. It seems they aren't quite comfortable with him working there while doing his chemo. Technically, he's not supposed to, but he's been doing well. He wants to go in and talk to them tomorrow about it all and see what can be done. He'd prefer to stay where he is at.
And with the 2 car household, still a 1 car household. At least the timing was good on fixing my hubby's car! Going to make calls and see what it'll cost to make some repairs on the family car so that hopefully I can drive again soon.
That's about all in a nutshell!

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