Monday, July 21, 2008

Little Thiefs

I knitted a new hat this weekend. Hadn't knit much in awhile so my hands were a bit sore Saturday night when I started it. But finishing it Sunday morning went quickly. Thought it turned out really neat... as did my son. The little thief made off with my new hat!

It's sized for an adults head. My hubby just says he'll grow into it. It makes a great hat to play peek-boo with, one of his favorite games. "Peek-boo" was one of his first phrases and he loves to say it. Cute lil drawl to it.

Anyhow, made sure to keep notes on how I knit the hat so that I can make another. It has sideways chevrons knit into it. You can sorta see them in the pics.

Oh well, my little thief now has 3 hats of his own. One more than his sister, who has purses as well as sweaters.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yay! Happy Dance!

So awhile ago I got my first order for wholesale. Which means I'll know be selling at a boutique in TN. Funnily enough since I live in CA. But I know a wonderful lady who helped me with the connection. (Thanks Kristina!) It's exciting to think that my purses will be out there in an actual B&M! Berry purse world domination is possible! Baby steps :)

Here's what she's getting, 4 berries, 1 pumpkin, 1 apple, 1 pear, 1 mum. I loved the "winter berry" as my hubby and I called it and will have to make more. It was fun to fill the order since I got to work on a few new ideas. Kinda funny when you think in crochet! Anyhow, I did make some extra berries and will work up the others once I get more yarn (yay my stash is depleting enough that I have a reason to buy more).

If you'd like a purse, just let me know! There's usually stock in my etsy shop, and I do enjoy the challenge of new custom orders.

Which are your favorite fruits and veggies?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Treatment No. 6

It's the beginning of the halfway treatment. My hubby was put on nights this week so his schedule has been a little wonky. I think that's why he started to feel the nausea this time. They called me this afternoon asking for me to come pick him up. He wasn't able to drive. So went next door and asked if I could bring the kids over and pick him up. My SIL said that was fine, but asked what car I was gonna use! They are a one car household and with my car in the shop (garage if you prefer) hadn't even thought about that. Was so busy just trying to think how to make it work to get there quickly and get him home. Luckily one of my brothers friends was over picking up his kid. He gave me a ride to get my hubby.
After getting that cleared up, I just wanted to cry for a minute. Guess it was a bit of a slap in the face. Been thinking all week how this treatment is the middle of the road. We're halfway done. (Yes I say "we" because he is the one getting the poison put into his system to kill the bad cells, but we are the ones who are affected just the same.) When I got to the hospital, he was really just sleeping, in his scrubs since well, he needed some clothes to wear. It was not a fun morning for him. He slept the whole way home (and I didn't even grind a gear or stall, it wasn't the smoothest ride though) got hooked up when the nurse came and is still sleeping now on the couch.
Here's hoping the sleep will help. That the uneasy stomach was more to do with the fatigue from a new schedule (one more week on nights then back to days) and not the sliding down of how chemo can be.
On the positive, after Sunday it is half done. One trimester left to go, I know way too many preggos now so had to throw that out there! Told my hubby that the other day and he just gave me the funniest look. Oh well, I found it amusing! Although he doesn't get a happy pink baby in the end, he gets a new lease on life and more time to just be.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Time for hats

So I pulled out what I've made and took some new pics yesterday. Gonna start listing out the hats I have. Was fun to look back through them. Makes me want to pick up my knitting needles and figure out some more fun hats! Here's a sneak peak of what's to come.

Yes that is a hat with hearts on my sons head, but he really wanted his pic taken and I'd already done the blue toned hat!

Oh and one hat is crocheted, but whatcha gonna do when you enjoy both forms? Share them both!

My beautiful car!

So I've mentioned my car isn't working. It needs a new alternator. Hubby has decided that he'll fix it. Which since we have a working car, is fine by me. He took the time to take apart most of the front end of my car this weekend. Still need to take out the second radiator and the alternator so he can order the part.

It'll still be another few weeks before it'll get done since it is treatment weekend. But it was a good start. And as long as it doesn't take two years like his car took, I'll be fine. It was really neat watching him take it apart though. Even took a pic of how it looks now. He wanted to have a record of the steps, sort of. So crazy to think my beautiful car looks like this! And that my hubby did it. Although he is a structural mechanic, so it does make sense.

Hopefully it won't be too long before I can show a pic of the alternator out and the new one in.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another hat!

So while I have been working on my first wholesale order (so exciting and it feels great to have it done) I crocheted a few hats along the way. The one for my neice, well 2 but then chose the one I thought would fit her. She does love her hat and loves that the star can "move where-ever I want it to Dad" that's what my bro told me.

Anyhow, I also crocheted a hat for my son. Hadn't made him a brimmed hat yet really and wanted to give him one that maybe he'd like to wear as much as his sisters pink hat with the pink flower. He does seem to enjoy it.

Here's a few pics of him in it. Had to include the second one since it shows what it likes to have an older sibling! What would we do without them? And notice his shirt? It says Monkey See Monkey Do Monkey Get In Trouble Too. Quite fitting for him, although he tends to find the trouble first!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Work, work, work

My hubby went back to his squadron this week. It was interesting seeing him come home Monday night. The smile he had on his face, and the energy in his was a nice surprise. With this past treatment being a little harder on him, it may have been just because where he was at mentally. They'd taken him out of work for a week and a half and switched him into a holding pattern you could say. But he wanted to go back to work, and was able to make that happen.

We will see what the outcome is of his next treatment, but for now, he is on cloud nine. Although I'm getting used to the hours again! He worked so late Monday night because he could work and wanted to work and there it was needing to be done. He's still not able to stand out on the flight line when the birds are whirling, but he is able to help keep them going.

Speaking of work, I need to get back to mine. Finished my pumpkin, now it's on to a pear. I'll take pics of all I've made before I send them out.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Project Done

Spent one day last week working on a few hat choices for my neice. She turns 13 this year and loves to hang out with the boys. Wants to bull ride, but is settling for doing barrel racing this year. She's an opinionated and strong willed little spit fire. Oh and she loves the color lime green.

Here's the hat I crocheted for her. Here's hoping she likes it! Crocheted the star and then sewed it to a pin back so it can be removed. My hubby is thinking she won't like the star. I'm thinking she will. So we will see.
The other hat I did, I think I'll list at a later time in my shop. I really like the way it turned out but think it's a little feminine for my niece. Off to work on some orders! The berry world domination is slowly coming true. Have several that I need to get done.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Treatment No. 5

Started on Thursday. They were closed Friday because of the holiday. Which means it finished yesterday so today is just another weekend day. The next one means he's halfway done. We're getting there.

He's been feeling a bit icky today and yesterday, but I think that's lack of fluids. Nothing sounds good to drink and his "pill" side-effect is really bugging him this time. In a bit I'll go see if there is anything that sounds good to drink that I can go pick up for him.

Had french toast for breakfast, so that was a good something to eat. He had 4 slices. Turned out very well if I do say so myself. Of course when you use cinnamon raisin bread, there's not all too much you have to do to it! I did add some Chai Spice instead of cinnamon. I'm in love with the mix of ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg that is in it.

Anyhow, thought I'd add this pic, it's a birthday card for me that came in yesterday. To great NOT to share! Oh how I love the Hoff. Not so much, but that is the beauty of it :) I do however remember the good ol' 80's and Knight Rider. Classic tv (that is if you were born in the late 70's right?)

Not sure what the fraction done would be, but do know it's almost halfway done. And really no bad side effects. They are usually more annoyances than anything. All I know is when he is done, we may have to celebrate with some shakes. Although not sure how long the cold will be a problem for. He's been very upset with the Sonic commercials for their shakes since he can't do cold right now. At least the summer hasn't been all too warm.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Hippo Birdie

Two ME! Another year done, and still one more to go till 30. I no longer feel like a twenty something, but I will be for another year. It was an interesting birthday. Asked my son if he could tell me "Happy Birthday", his response was "No." with a smile. But my daughter did tell me "Happy Birthday Mommy!" with a big smile and then was excited for a party we wouldn't be having.

It is treatment weekend, so we stayed home. Played with the kids, fielded phone calls (love getting calls on my birthday) and picked up some food. A very relaxed day. Now the fireworks are finishing up, could hear them but not see them with the thick marine layer. Next year we should be able to go see them. Hubby will be on shore duty and here's hoping, things will be normal as if there is such a thing.

All in all, if I want to reflect on the last year... it was more life lived. More lessons learned and more "I'd love to be a kid again and live in that blissful ignorance" My son turned 1, daughter turned 3, we made some new friends, I started my Etsy shop, the Rockies went to the World Series (and forgot they were there), the Patriots will always be that team that didn't win them all and my hubby's health well, he's with us and getting better all the time. The doctors will fix daddy after all. And thanks to my car dying (guess it was jealous of the Jetta getting attention) I'm getting more comfortable driving a stick. My daddy would be proud.

Reflection time done. Time to relax with a movie and my hubby.


Just wanted to say, Happy 4th of July! Not sure yet if we will do much of anything, treatment weekend, but we are here together.
So enjoy those fireworks and remember to be thankful for our red, white and blue.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mail Time!

I love getting mail :) I have a very crafty friend who is currently pregnant with her second child. We were talking one day and decided we'd swap some stuff. I wanted an apron, she a baby blanket and sweater. Decided on a few extra things for the kids as well. An apron for my daughter (that matches mine) and an art smock for each of the kids. She made an apron for her daughter and will be making a smock. And well, I'm still working on the blanket.

The sweater I'll start after the little babe comes and we see if it really is a boy. I'd love to just start it for a boy, since that is what everyone thinks she is having, but then if it's not... how do you change it for a girl?

Anyhow, my package came today and the aprons and smocks are hits! I've got mine hung up in the kitchen for the next time I need it, and my daughter has hers hung up by her kitchen. Although they were worn for quite some time before being hung up. My son was a little upset that he didn't get an apron and tried to wear mine for awhile. We'll see how attached he is to having one later on.
She did also send me a really cute quilt that I'm going to bring in with some blankets (one is on the side) that I'm working on for Kids Konnected. Thought it was really nice that she took the time to work one up. She's due in the next few weeks, and so had a huge push to finish as many crafts as she can before the babe decides to show!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Red, White & Blue

The Vote is Up To You! The Homefront Team Challenge has begun! Please go to the Homefront's site and vote. All you have to do is leave a comment on the post with who your vote is for. You are welcome to shop any of the shops that have entered and receive 10% off. Really, we'd just like to show off our stuff :) Here's a few of the choices to vote for, there are many more.
And remember... the Vote Is Up To You!