Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's Day Crafting with Kids

So went to the store yesterday to buy a shirt to decorate for Father's Day. My daughter asked that we make on for Pop Pop and Grandpa as well. Figured we'd get some iron-ons to write out a message and then sponges and paint for the kids to have fun with! Well, here's a list for all of you thinking of doing the same thing:

  1. Remember to take off all clothes or put on smocks with clothes you aren't worrying about being messed up. For you and kids. Although my clothes stayed clean, there's even paint on my sons shoes.

  2. Painting outside or on a drop cloth is the best. My son decided to sponge all over the old sheet, so that has hearts and stars on it as well.

  3. Pull up any long hair you or your kids may have. Sadly, mine is in a pony here, although I did it while I did the ironing. And as you can see in the pic, my daughters is not.

  4. Test your fabric and paint for bleed-through factor first! I checked this on an old shirt of mine. Did bleed through the shirt and on the sheet. So we put posterboard between the shirt front and back.

  5. Remember to have fun and that there will be foot prints (or shoe prints) on any and all things.

This was a fun little start to the day. Did my iron-ons and let the kids paint. Now they just have to dry. All three shirts say RockStar on them since that is what my daughter ask that they say. We tend to say the kids are rockstars and to rock n roll when we leave or just to rock it when dancing. It's adorable really to watch your kids bang their little heads just so they can rock it. (Also causes my son a bit of confusion since he has a rocket and when you tell him to play with his rocket, he'll rock it!)

So here's a little something for our Father's Day present (as well as a Lego Helicopter set). What are you doing for Father's Day? Don't forget to Rock It!


Beth said...

So cute! I know my husband cherishes the things my kids make for him. We celebrated Father's Day early since he wasn't going to be here for it. Hope your hubby has a good one!

MayRae said...

Thanks beth, I've been trying to do more crafty stuff with the kids since they are both at a fun age to do it. My daughter and I made all our christmas cards last year. That was an adventure! Less messy than today however.