Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reading and the art of tackling

Today was a day spent working on some chores. Hubby came home early and so we spent the afternoon looking at houses online. With the way the market is, there may be a way we could afford to buy something on his one income. That would be a nice treat to own our house. Talked to our daughter about it and she liked the idea of being able to paint her room, "blue and yellow and purple!" We'll see when we do own our place if that would be the case.

Then it was off to the library. Got a book recommendation from a friend, Water for Elephants so put it on the list to receive a copy when available. I love the internet age in that you can just go online and request a book. Saves a bit of the searching in the library, which is hard to do with my two in tow. We picked a few books for them, and my reserved copy. Now we will see if I can finish a book in 3 weeks!

Overall it was just a nice family day. Tackling ensued after dinner. Kids, daddy, Oli and myself all partook. Everyone tackled daddy, then me then hubby and I divided and conquered the kids. It's funny how my daughter suddenly just makes the oddest sounds instead of words when tickled. Then she'll stop long enough to say "Pleeeeese stop tickling me..." Whereas my son will come up to you "Tickle... tickle... tickle..." big dimpled grin asking for more.
Flip ruffed up Oli a bit as well. They're getting along so well these days it's fun to watch. Flip is still a bit cautious because of the size difference between the two, but Oli jumps on his back like he's the "big" cat in the house. Guess we'll see how they do when they're closer in size.

I leave you with a pic of Oli while I head off to work on a custom order, and read some of my book. When was your last family day?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Buh-bye Berries

My latest berries to leave the nest are a strawberry and blueberry. They are on their way to their new home. They turned out rather well if I do say so myself. It's my fourth strawberry I've made and sold. Made an extra so that I could have one in the shop as well. Will be working up another blueberry after finishing an order for some apples.

That's the fun of taking the orders, there's always something to work on. However the new ideas can get pushed back a little. I've got a few rolling around I'd like to work on in the next few weeks.

We'll see how time pans out. Life always seems busy and full of projects, craftwise or not. It's still an enjoyable way to me to spend my time and hey, I'm just happy people like my crochet and knitting and that I can have a little fun along the way!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Treatment No. 8

Today he gets disconnected. Another one down, 4 to go. We've got the next 2 scheduled and the end is in sight.

This weekend has gone pretty well. Hubby was awake most of Friday. Came home to play a new video game the kids and I picked up while he was at the hospital. We went shopping for some new clothes, looking for Super Hero pjs for my daughter. They didn't have any but she found somet hat are aqua and brown with dots that she liked instead. Bought my son Batman pjs awhile ago and so she wanted some as well. They had some Super Girl pjs online that should have been at the store, but oh well, now she's just an "adorable girl".

After playing video games most of the afternoon, it was time for a nap. Hubby's schedule is a little off now, so we'll see how tomorrow goes going back to work. He's at TPU again probably going to work for an Admiral for the rest of the year. I say probably since his squadron still wants him back so they are going to see if they can get him orders there instead. It's the game of hurry up and wait, not sure what the future will hold. Always a fun one, and just how it goes :) I'm thinking he'll do better back at the squadron, but with the Admiral he still should be working some to keep him busy.

Treatment No. 8 means he's 3/4 of the way done. When he finishes, our son will be 2. We were talking the other night about how pretty much his entire 2nd year of life, daddy was sick since this started in January. I doubt he'll remember daddy being sick, and lets hope this is the end of it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mailing Day

So I've got a few packages to go out today. A blanket for a new baby.
A shawl for my mom.
And some fruits for a few little girls.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've been tagged! Remember playing tag as a child..."You're It." Well this past week I was "tagged"; maybe you will want to play too.

I was tagged by Robin of Through His Eyes.

Here are the rules:

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Random items about me...

1) I have 3 brothers and 1 half brother, being the only girl has it's perks!

2) I live next door to my brother who is closest in age to me.

3) I talk to my mom every Saturday on the phone.

4) I email with my 11 year old neice all the time.

5) I stay home with my 2 children, and craft with them and around them.

6) Family is everything to me, as if you couldn't tell.

People I’m tagging:

2) Kristin of Moose Threads
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You're It!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So I bake like I crochet and knit. A bit of a recipe, a lot of changes. Never sure what sort of flavors sound good to me. Muffins are my fun play around food. Today we made Banana Kiwi muffins and Pear Carrot Raisin Kiwi muffins. Used my new favorite basic muffin recipe, made a double batch and added in the rest. Here's the basic recipe along with the bits for these muffins. However, I don't measure everything so the spice is approximate.


  • 1.5 Cups Whole Wheat Flour

  • .5 Cup All-Purpose Flour

  • 2 tsp Baking Soda

  • 1 tsp Baking Powder

  • .25 tsp Salt

  • .5 Cup White Sugar

  • .25 Cup Brown Sugar

  • 1 Cup Canola Oil

  • 3 Eggs, beaten

I added

1 Pear chopped

2 Kiwis smashed up

.5 Cup Raisins

.25 Cup Carrot Juice

1 tsp Chai Spice Blend (Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg)

Put pears, kiwi, and raisins in a bowl with carrot juice mixed up in the fridge for at least 3o minutes. Helps plump the raisins and give a little flavor to the rest.

And added to the second batch.

2 Bananas smashed up

2 Kiwis smashed up

1 tsp Chai Spice Blend (Ginger, Cinnamon, Nutmeg)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease muffin tins or use muffin cups.

In a large bowl, mix all dry ingredients. Make a well in the center add eggs and oil. Mix just till evenly moist. Fold in fruits.

Bake 15 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool and enjoy.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Crazy Life

It's been a crazy few weeks. Had 3 visitors, 1 new member of the family, a computer crash, a few more orders, 1 family member hospitalized, and just not much spare time.

The 3 visitors were nice, well actually 4 since one was a couple. My hubby's mom came to visit for a few days. We had fun. Hung out a bit, knitted, shopped, and played with the kids. As well as talked with the adults. She also brought me my birthday present, a set of circular interchangable knitting needles, which I so love.

Then my hubby's cousin and his very preggo wife came for a visit. It was nice listening to their excitement at the new little girls pending arrival. And the last visitor was another of my hubby's cousins who is a new military spouse. Her husband is a Marine stationed out here and so she came out to start scouting housing since he is currently deployed. Played a little guitar hero with her and hung out with the kids.

Our newest family member is named Oli. He's a cute, curious little tabby kitten. We've been talking about getting a new kitten for our cat to play with. We have a 4.5 year old black siamese mix who is just a lover and more dog than cat. He's not been too sure of little Oli who gets into everything and just isn't going away. They're slowly becoming friends however which is interesting to see. We hope they do become great friends. Our Flip has been more playful since Oli came along, and it'd be nice if they could burn off that energy together.

The computer crash was mine, of course. Using the laptop as a temporary fix. It probably just needs a hard drive. But with the car still in pieces in the garage, the pc gets to wait. The laptop is a nice little machine, however it isn't my norm so not used to the keyboard and mouse.

The orders were for more berry purses, a strawberry and blueberry along with some little wallets/coin purses that a few dollars can be slipped in with initials. One strawberry is crocheted, the rest still to be done. When I finally can stock the shop again with berry's I'm sure they won't last! I've got an order for a baby blanket that I've just about finished as well.

And the hospital, my mom has been having issues with her gut. She went in in January for emergency surgery. 90% of her colon gone, the issues were supposed to be gone as well. It was a long recovery process and she still wasn't all the way back to par. Then this past Monday she went back into the hospital for more surgery. Seems she didn't heal quite right and the small intestines had decided they wanted to twist up on her. Some adhesions removed and the twists untwisted, she's once again working on the recovery. Started a comfort shawl for her with my new circular needles. Hoping to have it done this week. We will see though, with the new kitten, it's been difficult to pull out my yarn.

It was treatment no. 7 this weekend and that seemed to go pretty well. Will have to blog about that another time. Oli is coming to play!