Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How Do You Hug?

Bedtime comes and it's time to pull out the hugs. There are 5 of them actually. It all started when I told my daughter I wanted her to squeeze tight with her hug and she asked "You like squeeze hugs?" Laughed and told her "yes, suppose I do. "

Then off to daddy she went. "Daddy, mommy likes squeeze hugs... what hugs do you like?" His answer was pat hugs! This was the birth of a new hug. Pat hugs you see, you hug and pat the back (obviously).

For awhile, I received squeeze hugs and daddy pat hugs. Till he started to fall asleep on her while hugging. Sleep hugs became the new craze! Now it is preceeded with the proclamation "I slept a lil bit!" and if it is not returned, it is repeated.

The tickle hug is the most recent hug and last to join in the routine of nighttime. Since my kids are very ticklish (it's great to hear a 19 month old come up to you with his hands poised and say "tick-y tick-l tick-y") while hugging one night, I decided to tickle! My daughter was thrilled with the new addition. "We have to show daddy a tickle hug!" Daddy was on a workup, but when he returned, it was one of the first things he received from his daughter.

The pic is a year and a half old now, but it's one of the best hugs :)


Moose Threads said...

Awwwwww I love this post! Makes me want to give my little guy a squeeze right now!

MonsterBug Blankets said...

How sweet!!! One of Monster's first words was tickle, tickle! After ni-ni (night-night). And we tried to teach him some basic sign language for more, please, eat, etc. He REFUSED to use "more" when he was eating--he'd just WAIL for more food. But EVERY time we tickled him and stopped, he'd ALWAYS sign "more". Silly kid!

Love all the sweet things kids come up with--what great memories you'll have of this!!

Anonymous said...

That is the most adorable picture! It reminds me so much of when my second was that age - those big sister hugs are priceless!I love the camera-friendly look she is giving as she hugs :)

I also love night time routines - they make such sweet memories :)