Thursday, June 12, 2008

Late nights and deep thoughts

Well not so late (bedtime really) and not so deep. Reminds me of the old SNL bit. Anyhow was thinking today while I was posting about labels. There are some labels that I think of and don't use and I wonder if I should use them. The main one being 'cancer'. Talking about my experiences with it, does that qualify as a label? Do the labels really make a difference for anyone other than those here to find things? Do I want to have that label? I know it's my choice to share what I do with the net, but there is something daunting about that word.
Days like today when he goes to bed so early, or the other night when he had to roll over in bed because his port was uncomfortable, make it all the more real. But he will make it through and live a long life with me. Getting to see his kids go through school, starting college (hopefully finishing as well) getting married and starting their own families.
He has to at least make it till they are both out of the house! We've never had that.
A month after we married (I was still living in CO when we got married) I visited him (he was living with my brother and SIL who was preggo, bad idea! it's in the water with preggos!) and a month later found out I was preggo. So when I did move to live with him, I was in my second trimester and it wasn't about being newly weds, more about being parents. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world... sometimes it's just hard.

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terryann said...

yes sometimes it is hard... life is really like that! I am keeping you in my prayers!