Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Dance...

Was a little preemptive! He did take the car in yesterday and today, however he loses the gears if he goes in to 5th! The good news is he's going to call the dealerships to talk to them about what he did to see what it'll cost to fix it. Since ya know, I don't know all the correct jargon, and am a woman, they'll give me a different answer. But that in itself is a victory that he wants to call and get a little help to make sure it runs right!

Since I have my car, I'm off to the post office and to buy some more yarn! Yay :) Usually I walk to the post office, it's not all too far away, a mile or so, but it's on the way to get yarn. So I'll do it all at once. As for yarn, I can't buy lots, it has to be able to fit in the tubs I currently have for yarn... sort of. I have a few other places to stash it. But I need more purple to finish my grapes! They are looking awesome by the by.

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