Monday, April 27, 2009


In the land of eternal sunshine and palm trees, (photo by Honeytree Photography)a land without seasons, there is always yardwork to be done. Although the locals talk about "May Gray" and "June Gloom" like it's horrible for the two months where it is overcast for a few hours and the breeze from the ocean brings a nice chill before the days warm up and are gorgeously clear again.

It was a beginning for May this morning you could say, with an overcast sky (slip top by Claire La Faye) and that cool breeze I've come to love. We are transplants from Colorado (where it is said there is 300 days of sunshine a year, which isn't quite true, but it is a fairly sunny beautiful state with it's mountains and snow). So living in very southern California a mile from the ocean is a different experience.

The yard was in need of some mowing and trimming. The trimming hadn't been done for awhile. Dandelions (mosaic by Earwings and Things) were taking over! My kids love when they do, blowing the seeds, spreading them more. There is something about making that wish on a dandelion. I've learned that it is the official flower of the military brat. You see, like the dandelion, they move and grow and spread through out the land. Since my children would be classified as just that, military brats, it always makes me smile when they play with those dandelions... even if they are spreading them far across our yard!

In the end, the yardwork was mostly finished. The kids had fun helping pick up the seed pods as well as dandelions and checking out the bugs. After all, what fun is yardwork without a little investigating? And when you are done with your investigation, don't forget to Etsy your day.

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Noah's Mommy said...

Love the soft and feminine...great finds...and I so need to get my yardwork done...