Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter is Coming

So I figured I'd make a few things for the kids' baskets. I knew I wanted to make them some crowns. The other day they were fighting about a tiara (my daughter has lots of dress up stuff, son just a few masks and such). With looking on the net, I found a great tutorial for crowns on Juicy-bits. I haven't gotten them started yet, but will make sure to share pics when they are done. We have tons of felt left over still so they'll be a little different than the ones made there, which are adorable, but gotta figure out the embelishments.

Also wanted to make a doll or bunny or stuffie for each kid. Came across this pattern from Crafty Carnival on another search. It looks like so much fun and easy to boot. There's a Flickr group of finished dolls. I found some robots there and so he's getting a robot made from the same pattern, with a few changes, her a baby doll.
His Robot is almost done. And the doll, should have started tomorrow. I'm trying to work on them when the kids are in bed, which is tough since it's too cute to just work on it all the time! Should have some pics to share with you tomorrow on the progress.

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