Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here come the Elephants

Received our elephant tote in the mail yesterday. My daughter was very happy with the addition to her purses. She said it would be great for the next time we go on a walk. She'll be able to carry snacks for her and her brother as well as her camera to take pics along the way.

I haven't taken a pic of it with her wearing it yet, but she really does enjoy it. Thanks again to Project Mommyhood for the giveaway. And to Maggie Blue Designs for the superb craftsmanship! It really is adorable in person.

Figured I'd leave you with some pics of elephants, as searched on Etsy. First is made by Snuggle Herd. Isn't Elsa cute?

Next, is by Lollywood... pink elephants...
Softie made by Peaslee... pink elephants...

Pink elephants on parade! Ok, so they're tags, but adorable tags and this photo fits the song from Dumbo... Maybe it's just me, but when I think elephants, it almost always comes to mind. Tags by Designs By Trisha.

Have you Etsy'd your day today?

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