Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Goodies

So the stuffies and crowns were a hit. My daughter wore her crown, pretty much all day. She took it off to change out of her pjs, into her pjs, and at naptime. Otherwise, it was on her head. She also carried around her new doll, Carrie. Seems fitting with how much she'll be carried!

My boy liked his robot, took him in for his nap. Which for him is unusual, he doesn't sleep with stuffed animals much. He goes through spurts. My daughters bed is covered in them, and they rotate who is there. Anyhow, he also enjoyed his crown, but did spend part of the day in his "Go Broncos!" hat, which being football people, gotta love.

I did deviate a bit from the pattern. Changed the eye shape and did eyebrows instead of eyelashes. Also added a pair of underwear, light blue with a pink heart. To match her bows and dress. And used a light beige fabric with small flowers on it, so she has a bit of freckles on her.

My girl thought she was an "adorable robot dancer girl" at first since she had seen me stuffing her brother's robot. But after awhile, realized that "she has hair, and robots don't... so she's a dancer girl"

Overall, it was a nice little treat for the kids to get. I'm very happy that google can help you find all sorts of patterns and tutorials, being not much of a sewer!

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