Monday, April 6, 2009

When you lose

A part of you. Or at least a part of you that has been there for the past year it's a bit strange. Today my hubby got his port taken out. Just one more thing taken off the list on the way back to "normal".

He was awake when it happened, but wasn't able to watch. He said it made a strange slloooop sort of sound. Actually if you've seen Iron Man, you may know the sound. You see when you have a port put in, your body forms a fibrous capsule around it. He's had a bump on his chest for the past year, you could even see and feel the little knobs on the port that help with inserting the needle. I know he feels strange and elated to have it gone.

They asked if he wanted to keep it. Most people do. So he came home with this cup and his purple port, saying it was my new necklace. Not that that's what's going to happen to it, but what do you do with something that's been a part of you for the past year? For now, it'll stay in it's cup on his desk full of Legos... guess we'll figure out what to do with his remind later.

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