Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Isn't Family Grand?

So my husband is the pickiest eater I've ever met. He has a thing with texture so won't eat sour cream, pulled meat, chicken, or fish. He's not a big fan of red meat. He doesn't care for cooked, even steamed veggies, all too much. He's a real pain to cook for! (Apron is made by Boojiboo. Isn't it so cute and classic looking? Spicy too!)

He loves his pasta (darn italians!) and will eat mexican food (thank god for that!) but isn't big on green chili. My family loves our green chili! He has tried it a few times when people have made it to be polite. He does like it, but we make ours with shredded pork roast, simmered all day in spices. And he doesn't like pulled meat (see above statement).

He will however try things, once. Which is a blessing when it comes to finding meals to prepare. However, if he has had it before in his lifetime, he's not always keen on trying. Although I will give him if he doesn't like chicken because of texture, I don't know how to cook that out of it. (Pork Chop Casanovas by Stellalola, too cute not to pass up when this comes up on a search for "pork"! Her shop is adorable with all the smiling art prints of normal everyday sorts of things.)

The point of this background is I was on facebook the other day where his cousin (who recently moved out to our area having married a man in uniform as well) was saying how she was making green chili. So when I told her I wish she were my wife, she made me my own green chili! We had it for dinner tonight over turkey tacos (ground turkey is ok in the texture category) and it was spectacular! Started a whole dialoge on making green chili and trying new things that make us both happy in the green chili department.

Figured I'd share since I know in marriage we all have things we do and don't like about our spouses and have had the food talks as well. Anyhow, what did you have for dinner? (Photo Cousins 1987 by Toshio. I love black n white photography, so much depth to it. Was pleasantly surprised when this came up in a "cousins" search. Try searching your day on Etsy today! If you do and blog it, I'd love to see what you come up with.)

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