Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What I Did On My Blog Vacation

You know how when you came back to school in the fall, you always had to write a paper "What I did on my summer vacation." Well I figured since I did take quite a bit of a blog vacation, I'd give you snippets of what I was up to on my time off. This being the first. To make it more interesting, I'll use visual aids found on etsy or my own photos, whichever is more fitting.

So what I did on my blog vacation was read a few books. Two series actually. The first was quite enjoyable... Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati was the first in the trilogy. Outdoorsy... late 1800's... the English and Indians... Oh my!

This photo from CreationsAnew is such a breathtaking view of the river and snowcapped mountains, it reminds me of the ruggedness of the books.

The second series I read, was one that has been much hyped. My SIL happens to have the books and so since they were there I thought I'd see what all the talk was about. This was after my mom had read them as well as a few friends. Maybe it was overhyped or just not my type of reading, I'm not sure but I wasn't as in love with it as many are.

This button from Geek Details sums it up wonderfully! In a lot of ways this is exactly how I felt about these books. Suppose this is why I shouldn't give into the hype... at least all the time.

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Sarah said...

hehe...That's about what I was thinking when I first saw the trailors for the movies and I haven't read the books!