Monday, December 8, 2008

My first...

You'll always remember your first. First kiss, first love, first marriage (only planning on the one, but ya know, had to add in something!). First online shop, first sale, first craft fair. Now I have had one of each of these firsts. This past weekend I did my first fair. It was a small to do with the registration fee going towards a good cause. A small charter school that celebrates the arts, learning and children.

Found it was a good way to get my feet wet. Met a few people, sold a few things and had a bit of fun. I'm not the most extroverted person, so I did try to rely on my setup and crafts to speak for themselves. It worked for the most part, sold several puppets. One to an adorable little girl who came up to me with all the money she had. After having told her the cost of the puppets ($17 each) she came back with some money. I asked her, "So whatcha got?" She counted carefully and replied "I've got $10" This was after she had come over to check out the puppets several times. So I told her she could have one, lil minky (she's the purpley one on the left hand side), the smallest of the group, perfect for her hands for her $10. She was quite happy. That's part of the joy of this whole handmade craft thing. It's nice to make a bit of money, but it's nicer still to see the smiles that go along with such a gift.

I came home with a few less puppets, one less strawberry wristlet and a mini wallet sold. As well as lots of ideas on how to put together a table for the next one. Not sure when that will be. But it was an interesting experience. I was surprised at the one thing I thought people would really enjoy and buy and there was not a sale. My ornaments all made it back with me. Which means, I've got lots of pictures to take to get them all in my Etsy shop. There's a few listed already. With more to come!

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It sounds like a great success...I know what you mean about thinking something will be popular and it's ignored. Every Craft Sale that happens to me..HEHEHE
Happy Holidays