Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Dream Is This?

I'm not one who usually dreams, or at least I don't tend to remember them. Last night however was a very strange one indeed. I was back home in Denver, working and living downtown. When there appeared a spaceship... (image from Busy Little Elf)
Only it wasn't a spaceship... it was a brand new office building that appeared next to my office within a day. (art by Gocco*Boom)

But people didn't seem to notice. They went to work as usual. And new people even started in this new building. Then suddenly, it started to come apart into different sections and fly into the sky. You could see the people in the windows as it left... (doll by Hapslappy's House)
Only, they weren't really people... They were aliens in disguise... (alien by Adopt an Alien)
I suppose I've just been spending too much time on my latest pattern, or it could be my mind was trying to tell me an invasion is emminent? Or that I feel office work is alien since I've been out of one for so long? Either way, it was a dream that stayed with me for quite awhile and figured I should share it. And if you feel the need to share some strange fairly vivid dream, send me a link so I can see what it is.

Pictures are all from Etsy shops. They all have some pretty neat things to check out. Don't forget to Etsy your day today! Just think of all the fun creations... waiting for you.


Liz said...

What a fun blog post! :)

Gonet Designs said...

really cute! Love those comfy jammies! :)