Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Pattern

So here is a pic of the new pattern I've been working on. I have two different patterns in one with this one, but haven't gotten the other pic taken. They are both rocket ships. The bottom wings are different however. I like them both, but I know my hubby likes this version a little bit better. Although not the colors of this particular one. Hoping to have the pattern listed in the shop by the end of the week.

This one was made for my daughter, gotta love the pink and purple! Made one for my son as well. His is gray, white and blue. Oh and I've been playing a little bit with photoshop. Thought it'd be a fun background to use.

In the mean time, my kids are going to a sleepover birthday party. Should be fun for the kids, feeling bad for the adults! Lots and lots of kids 4 and under. Brave souls. Figured since it was a sleepover party, I'd make the birthday girl some pajamas. Found a few patterns online to try out. Will share once the pjs are complete.

Also have plans to sew up a purse for my mom. She bought a ticket and is coming out for a visit in less than 2 weeks! So excited to get to spend some time with her. Feels like forever to get to spend time just us girls. Although I will have to share her with my brother, being that he's a Navy man living out here in SD as well. Shoulf be a fun visit.

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