Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Month Already!

So I sit here looking at my computer screen realizing it is already March, and I've not posted anything new in how long? Well, the Military Madness Monday on etsy went well. We had some fun, few sales, one for me :) And we did it again last week, and will be there again this week. It's really easy to find us, and do a search for Homefront. It'll bring you to the latest thread, each and every Monday! We really are a diverse group of sellers there, who have it all! From beautiful jewelry...

to boutique children's clothing...

to photography... and beautiful aprons. I could go on... but you'll just have to check us all out (all 60+ of us!)
On another note, I've almost finished the body of my daughters sweater, and made a rug. I will post pics tomorrow night. It has just been a crazy ride this week, such is life :)

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