Monday, March 31, 2008

Alesi... What's in a name

Alesi... a simply elegant name for a simply elegant shop.

I picked alesi because I hated my name for a long time. But when I started making jewelry I wanted to be recognized by my name not a cool business name. However, I still wasn't coping well with Isela (my name) so I played around with the spelling and I really liked it backwards. Thats how "alesi was born"

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lskcrochet said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment Tereasa! My daughter will be turning 3. I guess she's a big girl now! When do you stop calling them toddlers?

I have a few ideas. I recently went to a $700 party for a 4 year old. It was at a really famous kids spot in the city. There is no way that I will be spending that much. I guess that is why I wanted to post about it. Her b-day is on the 27th so I have to pull it together very soon. Bubbles is such a great gift! I will be heading to our local dollar store soon. Thanks! KIT!