Saturday, March 15, 2008

Monday Madness Easter Style

This past Monday Madness covered St. Patty's Day. It looked like the gals had fun and held down the fort. I wasn't able to take part in it. But did want to showcase a bit of what people have in their shops that'd work great for the holiday :) Enjoy! Some tweet vintage easter treat cups...
A Boo Boo Bunny for any toddler on the go (they can be made in assorted colors) ...Tub Critters (to keep the kids clean after all those treats)! To remember the fun of Easter day...

A blanket bunny to tuck them in with... And a soothing bath to end a wonderful family holiday. Here's even some salts for you!
Go to and search the Promotions Forums for Homefront this Monday from 1600PST-2100PST. I've put a few links in to help you out.

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