Wednesday, March 19, 2008

babyhoot... What's in a name

babyhoot... Because every kid wants to be a superhero! (Or just look like one.) This shop has much more to offer as well.

We wanted a short name that you got the idea of what we sold just from the name (things for baby).

At the time, my then 2 year old daughter kept calling a bathing suit a "babyhoot" and we would always ask her questions to try to get her to say it again: "What should I wear in the pool?" "What's that thing called again that you wear to the beach?" And we thought that would be a perfect name for our business. The longer story version is in our profile. ;)

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babyhoot said...

ooh, we feel famous! thanks for featuring babyhoot! And I'll stop thinking your name is Mae, now that I've read up. :) jessica