Sunday, March 23, 2008

the ERN... What's in a name

This shop explanation makes me smile and laugh a little. Then you look at the shop and it's clean and crisp... I love the contrast, the energy and the peace to create it all.

'The ERN' is all about my nickname - you guessed it, Ern. Short for Ernie, which developed out of Erin Lee. And Lee is my middle name after my mom's middle name, which came from her father's middle name, which is Leroy. Really, 'The Ern' is easier, isn't it? The Irish theme of my Etsy site is because all those people I'm related to are of Irish, Scottish, and Welsh heritage. So there you have it!

I think I'd had a lot of espresso when I wrote that! Most people just call me "Ern," but I added the "The" because it seemed...better for a shop name.

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