Monday, March 3, 2008

Monday Madness

Another Monday Madness done! Not sure if anyone had a sale, but we did have fun! It's a pleasant way to spend my Monday, chatting with the gals, checking out what the shops have in stock. I did sell my first puppet tonight (good-bye Jazzy, you will be missed here, and much loved at your new home) but it wasn't a result of a sale. Just timing I suppose :) That to me is what most of it seems like on etsy. There are so many amazing sellers and so much product, you can get so lost in the racks with everyone else! I'm glad a puppet sold, I love making them and I think others will enjoy them as well.

Here's to tomorrow and what the day may bring! One more farewell to Jazzy!

1 comment:

Nora said...

Hi Teresa, Jazzy is so cute. I am sure you will miss him but he is so fear owner will love him!!! Keep up the good work, love your shop.