Sunday, March 16, 2008

What's in a name

My first post I talked a little about myself and the name for my shop. It's funny, it identifies you in everything you do on It is you and you are your brand. I was chatting with a fellow Homefront Etsian the other day, and she kept calling me by the name May. Which only makes sense, since that is the first part of my shop name. Of course, it isn't my name at all.

So I told her how the name MayRae came to be. It's nothing too flashy, but I do dearly love it. May was the middle name of my great-grandmother (who knit). Rae is the middle name of my mother (who crochets and taught me). Together, they are MayRae (Mary, if said quickly and with a silly little accent like the priest in The Princess Bride awesome movie!) which is the first name of my grandmother (who crocheted and taught my mom) and my MIL's middle name (who knits and taught me). I love how it encompasses the generations in my family and how we can all connect through a simple thing such as the love of a craft.

I'd love to tell you about the names of other Etsians and how they came to be. If any of you would like to share your thought process, please comment here or send me a conversation on It's interesting what creates our alternate identities!

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Erin said...

What a great story behind your Etsy shop name!