Monday, April 14, 2008

Yummy Pancake... What's in a name

Yummy Pancake... Food plushies at their finest! Such an interesting view of the world with favorites like Mr. Toastee around! She blogs as well, sharing her crochet and life.

Well, when I was thinking of a name, this was the first thing that popped into my head. It comes from my childhood - My best friend and I used to make silly videos with my dad's video camera, and this one little video we made for yummy pancakes just sticks in my head because it was so hilarious and simple! I had a small vinyl Strawberry Shortcake character holding a stack of crepes (it was Crepe Suzette) that looked like pancakes. We filmed her and just said "Yummy Pancakes are so good, your friend's will want to drop by" and then poured a whole bucket of my vinyl figures on top of her. It's alot funnier when you see the video ^_^ Plus, I think Yummy Pancake is a fun, catchy name.

By the by, anyone else wonder if that video would be any good on youtube?


AlwaysAmy said...

This is adorable! :)

MayRae said...

She's love to hear that :) She does have really cute stuff.

Laura's Left Hook said...

Yummy Pancake has awesome things!! You are so nice to showcase her!!