Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Simply Savy... What's in a name

Simply Savy... To take their slogan, Simple purses for your savvy mood, it truly fits!

Our original name was to be twosassysisters. but it was taken as a website already so we came up with SimplySavy. Why not 2 vv's in Savvy, well www.simplysavvy.com was taken so since it's a commonly mis-spelled name (which we did) we kept it. Kinda savvy don't ya think. We thought our handbags are simply savy, so it stuck. Then our tag, "simple purses for your savy mood", went along perfectly with what we were trying to say about us and our product. See our profile.

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SimplySavy said...

Thank you so much for featuring us. That was thoughful and fun to see.