Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crocheting with a 3 year old

My daughter has been asking to learn to knit and crochet. "Mommy can you show me how to make something?" So I figured I'd give it a whirl today. Showed her how to do a slip stitch. Her little hands in mine holding the yarn and hook. Guiding her through, we made a chain of them together. She wanted to work on it on her own. Didn't get all too far however since she was having trouble with it. That and the house started to get a bit crazy. My son, god bless him, is becoming a terrible two year old a bit early.
For an example, he's currently finishing the food he's had in his mouth for the past 5 minutes. Always too full of a mouth and he can't chew it down. There's not much I can think to do to get him to not put so much in there. Even if there are smaller pieces, he'll just add more handfuls till he can't chew and can't finish it. Then comes the throwing the food on the ground since he's bored of eating (because he can't eat) and he's just done with it. He's always into something and loving every minute of trying to explore. Makes for an interesting time trying to do anything with my daughter while he's around! We'll try again at another time.

I think I've managed to write out my first pattern however. Since I can read patterns and do sometimes use them, the basics are easy enough to figure out. However writing it out, gotta make sure it's completely correct before I share it. It'll at least make my life easier being able to make purses off of the pattern.

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