Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Look

After spending countless hours on my blog last night, it's a brand new look. Thanks to those at Tips for New Bloggers I'm starting to figure out a bit more on how to change/read/understand html. At least to a point that I can fiddle a bit.

The one thing I did learn and remember to do, was the save my template before I went to make any changes to it! I still have the one I'm currently using on my pc. And for very good reason because my mouse can be a bit touchy and I accidently changed the entire template in a matter of a second. "NOOOOOOO!!! AAGGGGHHHH!!!" was heard in my house (possibly throughout the neighborhood) last night at about 10:30PM after having done so. The last template change I had saved was at least almost how I wanted it, not needing much tweaking. But man, that's why I do love Autosave on the posts themselves at least :)

Now I'll have to get back to creating and updating my store! I've a few new things to add and a special order to work on. As well as some promo stuff for a craftshow in FL. It'll be on a military base there, some of the Homefront gals are putting it on. I'll take pics of what I send to them (promo stuff as well as a little something for their baskets that will be auctioned off for charity). If you are around Tyndall Air Force Base and would like more info, you can check out Amanda she's one of the few heading it up! I thought there was a blog posting about this event, but now am unable to find it. Been up too long already today :)

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