Sunday, April 27, 2008

Medical Update

For some reason it made sense to me to add this on now. With all the talk of animals yesterday, I figured it was a good time to share my hubby's PET scan results. (Ok, kind of a cheesy intro, but it works!) Anyhow, he put a call in to the doctor on Friday and got a call back Friday night and it was clean! This means that there aren't anymore tumors in his system to worry about now, but he'll still need chemo to clean out his lymph nodes I believe. It was great news to get. As there was a bit of concern for one possibly being in his liver.
So one more day down and how many more to go (I suppose I could do the math for you... 365x5 years to be in the clear... 1825... -44 days since diagnosis... )1781. Just imagine where we'll be then? Just after our 9th anniversary. My daughter will be in the second grade, son in first... could be here in CA or somewhere new. Hubby will have 11 years into his career and I could be a crafting goddess making boo-koo bucks :) But he will be there with us, this I am sure of.


terryann said...

me too! I am sure.

TriquetraDesigns said...

Happy to read the good news!