Monday, April 21, 2008

Oddities of life

Have you ever seen something just so oddly strange you just aren't quite sure what to think of it? While we were driving to my husbands scan today, we saw a bird burst into feathers. The truck infront of us getting off the highway, never saw it since it dived down into the line of traffic. It just surreal watching these feathers poof and disperse as we drove on.

I didn't think much about it till after the appointment. On the way to it, I was moreso thinking what I would do to preoccupy myself. I'd not brought a project to work on because for some reason I was thinking it was a short process. Although all in all, it did only take an hour and a half or so. Thankfully I'd brought a book to read and the hospital here is really a nicely laid out place. Easy to just wander through and think.

On the drive back I brought it back up to my husband and he was a bit awed by it as well. Life can be so fleeting in that sense. It also now makes me think of the movie American Beauty for some reason, there was an interesting beauty in the way the feathers flew down. Bit of an oddity to share, but it's been one of those days. Just a few more days till we get the results on his scan. He's going home to visit family, just take a bit of a break before chemo starts. So the kids and I will get a break as well :) Be nice to know he's getting time with people and we're used to not having him around. That is one of the... not sure you'd call it a blessing... but blessings of the military life.

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