Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Work, work, work

My hubby went back to his squadron this week. It was interesting seeing him come home Monday night. The smile he had on his face, and the energy in his was a nice surprise. With this past treatment being a little harder on him, it may have been just because where he was at mentally. They'd taken him out of work for a week and a half and switched him into a holding pattern you could say. But he wanted to go back to work, and was able to make that happen.

We will see what the outcome is of his next treatment, but for now, he is on cloud nine. Although I'm getting used to the hours again! He worked so late Monday night because he could work and wanted to work and there it was needing to be done. He's still not able to stand out on the flight line when the birds are whirling, but he is able to help keep them going.

Speaking of work, I need to get back to mine. Finished my pumpkin, now it's on to a pear. I'll take pics of all I've made before I send them out.

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I'm so glad he is feeling better and on the mend!