Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another hat!

So while I have been working on my first wholesale order (so exciting and it feels great to have it done) I crocheted a few hats along the way. The one for my neice, well 2 but then chose the one I thought would fit her. She does love her hat and loves that the star can "move where-ever I want it to Dad" that's what my bro told me.

Anyhow, I also crocheted a hat for my son. Hadn't made him a brimmed hat yet really and wanted to give him one that maybe he'd like to wear as much as his sisters pink hat with the pink flower. He does seem to enjoy it.

Here's a few pics of him in it. Had to include the second one since it shows what it likes to have an older sibling! What would we do without them? And notice his shirt? It says Monkey See Monkey Do Monkey Get In Trouble Too. Quite fitting for him, although he tends to find the trouble first!

2 comments: said...

What a face..HEHEEHEHHEHEHE!!!!! I'm the oldest sibling...and I've seen that face on my sister and brother..HEHEHE

Beth said...

He is so cute! Great pics.