Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mail Time!

I love getting mail :) I have a very crafty friend who is currently pregnant with her second child. We were talking one day and decided we'd swap some stuff. I wanted an apron, she a baby blanket and sweater. Decided on a few extra things for the kids as well. An apron for my daughter (that matches mine) and an art smock for each of the kids. She made an apron for her daughter and will be making a smock. And well, I'm still working on the blanket.

The sweater I'll start after the little babe comes and we see if it really is a boy. I'd love to just start it for a boy, since that is what everyone thinks she is having, but then if it's not... how do you change it for a girl?

Anyhow, my package came today and the aprons and smocks are hits! I've got mine hung up in the kitchen for the next time I need it, and my daughter has hers hung up by her kitchen. Although they were worn for quite some time before being hung up. My son was a little upset that he didn't get an apron and tried to wear mine for awhile. We'll see how attached he is to having one later on.
She did also send me a really cute quilt that I'm going to bring in with some blankets (one is on the side) that I'm working on for Kids Konnected. Thought it was really nice that she took the time to work one up. She's due in the next few weeks, and so had a huge push to finish as many crafts as she can before the babe decides to show!

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terryann said...

it is so much fun to barter, and all the better if it is with a friend.