Friday, July 18, 2008

Treatment No. 6

It's the beginning of the halfway treatment. My hubby was put on nights this week so his schedule has been a little wonky. I think that's why he started to feel the nausea this time. They called me this afternoon asking for me to come pick him up. He wasn't able to drive. So went next door and asked if I could bring the kids over and pick him up. My SIL said that was fine, but asked what car I was gonna use! They are a one car household and with my car in the shop (garage if you prefer) hadn't even thought about that. Was so busy just trying to think how to make it work to get there quickly and get him home. Luckily one of my brothers friends was over picking up his kid. He gave me a ride to get my hubby.
After getting that cleared up, I just wanted to cry for a minute. Guess it was a bit of a slap in the face. Been thinking all week how this treatment is the middle of the road. We're halfway done. (Yes I say "we" because he is the one getting the poison put into his system to kill the bad cells, but we are the ones who are affected just the same.) When I got to the hospital, he was really just sleeping, in his scrubs since well, he needed some clothes to wear. It was not a fun morning for him. He slept the whole way home (and I didn't even grind a gear or stall, it wasn't the smoothest ride though) got hooked up when the nurse came and is still sleeping now on the couch.
Here's hoping the sleep will help. That the uneasy stomach was more to do with the fatigue from a new schedule (one more week on nights then back to days) and not the sliding down of how chemo can be.
On the positive, after Sunday it is half done. One trimester left to go, I know way too many preggos now so had to throw that out there! Told my hubby that the other day and he just gave me the funniest look. Oh well, I found it amusing! Although he doesn't get a happy pink baby in the end, he gets a new lease on life and more time to just be.


Sygnet Creations said...

Big hugs to hubby and YOU for being his rock. I can't even begin to wonder how hard this has been on you both but i am happy to hear you are at the middle and now on to the home stretch.. Keep your chin up and if you ever need a boost step on over my way!!

Beth said...

I'm so sorry it was a rough day for your hubby and for you. Thanks goodness it's on the downslope now. Sending big cyber hugs your way.

Tracy said...

I send my prayers and best wishes. I also had a dear one go through this and you are right ..the whole family is fighting it and suffering.